Make Halloween Gnomes Wall Decorations

These Halloween Gnomes wall decorations are made like the gnomes on the Halloween card.  See it here.  They are too cute and easy to make.

This project looks very nice hanging on the wall and looks somewhat complicated but isn’t. This project is Septembers Patreon project and the download files are available only there.  To download them you need to become a Crazy Cricut Lady Patreon supporter for $1 per month.  You have access to all the past patreon projects too.  Check it out and help me keep all the other things I do here free.

What you will need

Paper Selection

The colors these Halloween Gnomes wall decorations are typical Halloween colors.   Be creative and use some patterned paper or maybe emboss some of the clothes for more variation.  Your imagination is the only limit.  The beard and hats needs to be 100 lb. weight paper or heavier to make it strong enough to support the rest.

Cutting The Halloween Gnomes Wall Decorations

This is a simple project to cut. You can make these gnomes as big or small as you want.  The limit to keep all the parts on a normal size mat is about 22 inches tall for each gnome.  If you want to make it them smaller the limit is about 5 inches tall or the parts become too small.

The Cricut will do the drawing on the hats.  I used a black marker or a silver marker on the black hat.  You can use any pen in your cricut.  See the trick here.

Assembling the Halloween Gnomes Wall Decorations

If you want to emboss some of the clothes, this is the time to do that.  

First glue the mustache, beard and hat together.  If you want to give the gnome a little dimension, instead of glue, use foam tape.  This will make the parts stand out.  Then attach the rest of the parts to the gnome.  The hat and the shoes should go behind the mustache and beard with the nose and decorations on top of that.

They can hang on the wall or in a window.  If you need a hole at the top, use a paper punch on the hat.

And your Halloween Gnomes wall decorations are done!  Have a Happy Halloween!


Halloween Gnome wall hangings

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