Make Paper Water Lily or Lotus Flowers

The paper water lily also known as the lotus flower, is a very beautiful flower.  It does require the draw function of your Cricut.  Otherwise it is very easy to make.  You can see all the paper flower tutorials from this year’s and last year’s Flower Week here.

These paper flowers have lots of parts in the download file.  But don’t be scared.  I will walk you through the assembly.

What you will need:
Paper Selection

The Lotus Flower or water lily is traditionally a white flower with reddish accents but you can make them however you want.  I tried to make them from crepe paper and although the petals cut well, the drawing tore the paper.  If you want to make them from crepe paper, color them by hand.  Also the stamens do not cut well from crepe paper so use cardstock for that.

Cutting the Paper Water Lily or Lotus Flower

Cut the flower and the Cricut will do the drawing.  I used a pink marker.  If you are making them with crepe paper, either remove the drawing or just don’t put a pen in the holder.  A pen will tear the crepe paper.

I didn’t try this flower in felt or fabric so I don’t  know how well that would work.

To cut from crepe paper you need the rotary blade too, so the maker will work but not an expression machine.  The fine point blade cuts on the Air it but it tears very easily.  On the maker do not use a new mat.  Use an old one that has lost a little of its sticky or a light grip mat.  The rotary blade cut much much better than I thought it would.  It even managed to cot small holes on another flower.  As I said earlier, you will need to color the flowers by hand.

Assembling the Paper Water Lily or Lotus Flower
The first stem is to wind the circle of petals around your finger or you can use tweezers.  Let the flower unwind a little if you use tweezers.  Next, tuck the circle under the petals and glue it in place leaving a little room in the center for the stamen.  Then glue the single petals around the wound  petals.  Make sure to stagger them a little.  Finally, wind the stamen with the tweezers and glue it closed.  Then glue it inside the waterlily.  The last step is to glue the flower to the lily pad.

And your paper water lily or lotus flower is done!

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