Make These Easter Finger Puppets, Thrill Your Kids

These Easter Finger Puppets are too cute!  Designed for kids and adults, you both will want to play!  Just slide your fingers thru the holes and there you go!  There is even a gnome!  Make them and play with your kids

What you will need

Paper Selection for the Easter Finger Puppets

The colors these puppets can be whatever you want.   Be creative and use some patterned paper or maybe emboss some of the pieces for more variation.  Your imagination is the only limit.  The parts need to be heavier weight paper (100 lb. wt. or more) to make it strong enough to support the rest.


Cutting The Easter Finger Puppets

This is a simple project to cut.   If you are using the SVG file, make sure you read the directions in the instruction document inside the zip file.  Because of a glitch in Design Space, the file loads up extra big and needs resized.

There are a lot of very thin and tiny parts so be careful taking them off the mats and don’t lose them.

Assembling the Easter Finger Puppets

Most of the assembly is straight forward.  Look at the pictures if you have questions.  The bunny is assembles from the bottom: blue, pink, lt. brown, dk. brown.  Make sure you line the layers up perfectly so that the finger holes work.  

The last picture above shows you how the finger puppets work.  I designed the puppets to work for kids or adults.  And your Easter Finger Puppets are done! Have Fun!

If you like making gnomes I have several others like the Easter gnome bunnies.

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