Make these Paper Poinsettias 2020

Paper flowers are the most popular tutorial.  For Flower Week I will show you how to make these traditional Christmas paper poinsettias from several materials.  I made poinsettias last year but this is a different pattern.  This year’s version is much better.  You can see all the paper flower tutorials from this year’s and last year’s Flower Week here.

These paper flowers have quite a few parts in the download file.  It makes three different colors of flower.  You can attach leaves or not.  The leaves are in this file.  

What you will need:
Paper Selection

Paper poinsettias are very traditional around Christmas.  For these flowers I used crepe paper, cardstock and foiled cardstock.  There really are not limits.  You can even use patterns if you want.

Cutting the Paper Poinsettias

I haven’t tried this flower in fabric and don’t know how well it would work.

To cut from crepe paper you need the rotary blade too, so the maker will work but not an expression machine.  The fine point blade cuts on the Air it but it tears very easily.  On the maker do not use a new mat.  Use an old one that has lost a little of its sticky or a light grip mat.  The rotary blade cut much much better than I thought it would.  It even managed to cot small holes on another flower.

Assembling the Paper Poinsettias

These flowers are extremely easy to make.  Start by  re creasing the folds.  This helps make the flower stand out.  And then the leaves are made by overlapping the ends and gluing them together.

Then just stack the pieces of the flower gluing them together at the centers only as you go.  Next glue the centers in the flowers.  Finally attach the leaves to the back.

And your paper poinsettias are finished.  

You can see all the paper flower tutorials from this year’s and last year’s Flower Week here.

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