Make These Thanksgiving Flower Pots! So Cute!

Theses cute little Thanksgiving pots can be used as candy holders, on the dinner table or as decorations!  They are so cute!  Make one or all three.

I bought the mini pots in the clearance aisle because there were six in the pack and three were broken,  Just goes to show you that you can find inspiration and craft materials anywhere!

What you will need

Paper Selection for the Thanksgiving Flower Pots

I did these pots in traditional Thanksgiving colors.  The only color that can’t change is the face color.  Anything goes for the rest of the colors.  Patterns would even work!  Let your imagination be your guide.  The papers don’t even have to be two sided or any particular weight.

Cutting the Thanksgiving Flower Pots

These are fairly easy to cut but there are a bunch of pieces so be sure to keep track of all of them.  The pots I used were 3 inches in diameter.  Bigger pots can be used.  If you have bigger or smaller pots you can change the size as needed.

Assembly of the Thanksgiving Flower Pots

The assembly is pretty straight forward.  Just look at the pictures.  There are a few notes though.  The pots I used are fairly porous so I used a lot of glue to make sure they were secure.  You can use a glue gun if you want.  Plastic pots aren’t as porous.  Also the turkey feathers are attached on the inside of the front rim in mine but they can be attached on the back rim too.   Make sure you start from the bottom of the pot and build up towards the rim so that everything fits.

And your Thanksgiving flower pots are done!  Fill them with candy or little pinecones or leaves,  Whatever you want.

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