Make This 3D Halloween Sideways Step Card

This 3D Halloween Sideways Step Card looks complicated, but it isn’t!  Make one for your favorite Halloween Ghoul  or Monster today.  Knock their socks off!

This  card, when folded for mailing, needs a 6 X 6 envelope.  If you can find one , that is great (I haven’t been able to).  But if you can’t, it needs a custom envelope for mailing.  You can make your own with my video tutorial on making your own custom envelopes.

You will need:
Paper Selection for the 3D Halloween Sideways Step Card

This card contains traditional Halloween colors.  The base card needs to be fairly heavy (110 lb. wt. or higher) and but doesn’t need too be two sided.  The purple creates its own pattern.  Most of the other pieces are small so patterns don’t really work but foiled or glitter paper would work nicely.

Cutting the 3D Halloween Sideways Step Card

The purple paper is cut to make a pattern but the cuts are many and in places it is very thin, so be careful when removing it from the mat.  Some of the other embellishment pieces are very thin.  Be careful with them too.  They tear easily.

The key to this card is the horizontal cuts and the vertical folds so be sure to follow the directions carefully in the .docx file in the zip file if you use the SVG.

Assembling the 3D Halloween Sideways Step Card

First, re-crease the folds.  Then glue on the overlays.  Each one is centered and glued over the one below it.  See the pictures above if you have questions about the order or placing.  

Next the embellishments with more than one layer need to be assembled.  Make sure you line them up exactly or the under color shows through.  Then follow the pictures above and glue them centered on top of the overlays.  Finally, fold the card a few times to make sure it works properly.

And your 3D Halloween Sideways Step Card is done.  See wasn’t that easy?

The Power of Superstitions At Halloween
  • What’s so horrifying about a black cat? Nothing… unless you believe the kitty is a disguised witch who brings bad luck if it crosses your path.
  • Some believe the spiders that are part of decorations represent the spirits of deceased loved ones.
  • The candle that burns inside a jack-o’-lantern represents trying to keep evil spirits away.
  • Some people consider it good luck to burn new candles on Halloween.
  • Medieval folklore also described bats as witches’ familiars, and seeing a bat on Halloween was considered to be quite an ominous sign.
  • The stereotypical image of the haggard witch with a pointy black hat and warty nose stirring a magical potion in her cauldron actually stems from a pagan goddes known as “the crone,” who was honored during Samhain.

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