Make This Back to School Arrow Card

It has been so long since some have been in class. This back to school arrow card welcomes them back with style. Do it in their school colors for some extra personalization!

This card works for either your student or their favorite teacher.  This card is 5.5 inches square and if you can’t find an envelope that size you can make one with the custom envelope tutorial here.

You will need:

Paper Selection for the Back To School Arrow Card

I did this card in yellow and purple which is the school colors for a high school rival.  You can do it in the school colors of your student or teacher.  The base card needs to be 110 lb. wt. cardstock and two sided.  Heavier than that won’t fold well and lighter won’t stand up.  The embellishments can be made from any paper.  Patterns would work well for the embellishments.

Cutting the Arrow Fold Sympathy Card

Cut the card base and the cricut will do the writing.  I used a yellow gel pen to show up on the purple.  I used one of my own fonts, CMN Zebra, which fills in when drawn.  See more about fill in fonts here.

The score lines do not meet at the top.  This is on purpose and makes the card easier to fold.

Some of the embellishments have thin cuts so be careful when removing them from the mat so that they don’t tear. 

Assembling the Arrow Fold Sympathy Card

First, re crease all the folds and fold them into an arrow.  The folds don’t exactly meet at the top.  This is by design.  It keeps the card from being too bulky and folding flat.  First, glue the small purple triangles, tucked into the front of the card as accents. to the arrow fold.  Attach them with liquid glue.

Next, glue the large triangle overlay with “Born too Learn” to the front with the compass glued to the bottom.  Then glue the large “Welcome back” overlay to the inside with the school house attached with liquid glue.  The bookbag embellishment is glued over the flaps on the arrow so that they lay flat.  Finally, glue the book below the flaps.

With the card open, next glue the pen and pencil in the bottom corners.  If you have questions, you can look at the pictures above.


Your Back to School Arrow Card is done.  Enjoy the time alone in your house.  Christmas break will be here before you know it.

The History of Education
  • Until reformers like Horace Mann of Massachusetts and Henry Barnard of Connecticut began to push for tax-funded schools only the very wealthy ever got an education.
  • Once the settlers population started to grow, each colony was required to have at least one school to teach students academics
  • It wasn’t until the 1930s that people got more education then about eight years.
  • Segregation in schools went to the Supreme Court in 1954 with Brown vs. Board of Education.  Following this monumental decision, schools in the south began the slow process of desegregating schools.
  • Technology started making its way into the classroom with the introduction of the calculator and computers in the 1970s.

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