Make This Castle Easel Birthday Card

Tell your little princess Happy Birthday on her special day!  This castle easel birthday card is wonderful.  Any princess of any age will be thrilled to get this card!

Castle Easel Birthday Card

This card fits in an A7 envelope but you  can also make your own coordinating envelope using this tutorial.

What you need:

Paper Selection For the Castle Easel Birthday Card

I chose to use solid cardstock.  The base needs to be double sided and fairly heavy (110 lb. wt. at least) but the rest does not.  You could use patterned or foiled paper like I did with the swan and crown for any of the embellishments.  Just make sure that the writing and drawing shows up on the paper.  Glitter paper does not take the pen easily so avoid using that.  Choose anything you would like.

Have problems finding coordinating colors for your projects?  Check out “Coloring Your Designs” in the resource library.  It gives a simple lesson in color theory.

Cutting the Castle Easel Birthday Card

The cricut will do the writing and drawing on the card.  I used a blue pen for the text and green for the vines, but if you want to jazz it up a bit use your foil pens.  The font I used was Cynthia Script and it is available at Creative Fabrica.

If you are using the SVG files make sure you follow the directions in the instruction document in the zip file.  Design Space has a glitch.  Make the card the appropriate size and change the writing and score lines as in the instructions or your card won’t cut properly.  

I liked the bigger heart that was cut out of the castle turret for the center spire so I used that one instead.  Be careful with the intricate pieces.  They are thin and tear easily when taking them off the mat.

A Word About Creative Fabrica. 

I love this site and have a membership.  Between Access and Creative Fabrica, I have every image I will ever need.  They have fonts, SVGs sewing patterns.  And for those of you with sublimation printers, they have a whole bunch of sublimation images and textures to print!  And every day they have free gifts and discount deals for $1.  If you have a membership, everything on their site is free!

Assembling the Castle Easel Birthday Card

First, re-crease the fold lines to make sure they work properly.  Then glue all the embellishments together.  Look at the picture to see where everything goes.  You can use foam tape under the white layers, if you want to give the card some dimension.  Then glue the swan in the doorway of the front overlay.

Next glue the bottom part of the castle cover part to the matching part of the top section of the base card.  This is your easel.  Do not glue it past the fold line or your card wont work right.  Finally, stick the little crown on with foam tape so that it sits a little higher than the base of the card.  This is your catch for the easel.

Your Castle Easel Birthday Card is done.  Enjoy!  The card folds flat to ship and fits in an A7 envelope.

Fun Facts About Castles
  • The oldest inhabited castle in Europe, is also one of the most famous castles in the world, our very own Windsor Castle.
  • The average time it would have taken to build a castle is 10 years. In the 10th century the average cost for building a castle was around £100. That’s because they were built of timber. By the 14th century when stone was used, the price rose to £100,000.
  • Medieval castles were generally built in the motte and bailey style.
  • Castle toilets were no more than a wooden bench with a hole. Excrement ran straight out into the moat. They were called ‘garderobes’ because clothes were kept there to repel insects and moths.

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