Make This Cute 3D Boy or Girl Baby Box Card

Make this cute Baby Box Card for that new special delivery in your life! The parts are all in the download whether you want to make this card for a boy or a girl.  This card is simpler than it looks!  This is similar to the Mother’s Day Box card I did last year.

The card needs a 6 X 6 envelope so if you can’t find one, you will need to make one using my custom envelope tutorial.

What you need:
Paper Selection for the Baby Box Card

The base card needs to be fairly heavy paper, at least 100 lb weight. And it needs to be 2 sided.  The rest of the embellishments on the box sides can be any paper

The base card for the baby box card can be patterned paper if you want but patterns would work better on the embellishments.  I used plain paper for the girl card and pattered paper for the blue parts of the boy card.

Cutting the Files for the Baby Box Card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing. (The writing is on the long side overlay and you can’t see it well in the pictures.) I used two different color gel pens, white for the girl and dark blue for the boy card.  Did you know that you can use any pen in your Cricut?  You can see the trick here.  

Some of the embellishments are thin so be careful removing them from the mat.  And there are lots of them so keep track of them.  I spent 10 minutes looking for parts that fell on the floor.  The holders on the center pieces are just made from the edges of one of the pieces of paper left over after cutting.

Parts for the boy card and the girl card are both in the download files.  Cut which ever color you want and hide the other parts when cutting.  If you are using the SVG file, make sure you read and follow the instructions in the docx file included in the zip file.  The card won’t cut properly if you don’t.

Assembling the Baby Box Card

Re-crease the fold lines with a Popsicle stick. Form a cube with the large shape.  The flaps should fold to the outside. Glue the tab to the box with liquid glue and let it dry.  I did this mock up in blue and orange so that you could see it better.

Fold and glue the box so it looks like this

Folded Long Rectangle
Folded Long Rectangle

Fold the long rectangle so that it looks like this. 

Put glue on the places that touch the box and slide it into the squished the box.  Tape glue works a little better on this part, but liquid glue works too.

Expanded Box
Expanded Box

When you expand it back to a cube the box should look like this.  It may take a couple of tries to get it just right.

Work the box a few times before you go on to make sure it flattens.  Then glue on the printed panels.  The tall ones go in the back on either side. The larger rectangles go on the bottom sections and the smaller ones go on top of the box flaps.

Assembling and Attaching the Embellishments to the Baby Box Card

The embellishments are pretty straight forward.  The yellow pieces go on either card and the pink and blue pieces are both included.  Attach the long overlays with the bottle to the back of the box.  Next, the long rectangle with writing goes on the opposite side and partially inside the box.  

Some of the embellishments are multiple parts, the bottle and the blocks.  Assemble them and attach all the embellishments to the tabs as in the pictures above.

Cut small strips to attach the center embellishments from scrap paper.  The sheet the boxes were cut from has some that will work.  Next glue the parts of the rattle and the pacifier together and then to the tabs you just cut.  Attach them to different slats in the box.  Be careful to keep them within the area that will be inside the folded card.  

And your Baby Box Card is done!  The sides fold up like in the last two pictures above and it is 6 inches square.

Baby Fun Facts
  • A baby cannot taste salt until it is 4 months old. The delay may be related to the development of kidneys, which start to process sodium at about that age.
  • Newborns are more likely to turn their head to the right than to the left.
  • Human babies are the only primates who smile at their parents.
  • In the United States, more babies are born on Wednesday than on other days of the week. Sunday is the slowest day.
  • There were about 1,049 male babies born for every 1,000 female babies in 2006 in the United States. This ratio has been consistent for the past 60 years.
  • There were about 3.6 million babies born in the United States last year, down 4% from the 3.75 million born in 2019, according to researchers from the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics.  It’s the lowest number of births in America since 1979, the report noted.

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