Make this Easy Fancy Flaps Birthday Card

This Fancy Flaps Birthday Card is so cute!  The smile peaks through the front of the card adding a little mystery.    I found with all the birthdays lately that I needed some new ones quickly.

This card is very easy to make and I even included a custom envelope with the design.    I finally figured out how to make my own envelopes!  Make it in just 20 minutes.

You will need:
Paper Selection

The base card paper for this fancy flaps birthday card needs to be two sided and since you don’t see much of either side plain paper would be best.  It also needs to be 65 lb weight but there are plenty of layers so lighter is OK.  The embellishments can be made with any paper.  Patterns would even work for most parts.  I designed the project so that the envelope could be made from the same paper as the card or another, maybe patterned paper.  I made them from the same paper as the card.

Cutting the card

This fancy folds birthday card has no writing, only cuts.  Some are very thin so be careful when taking them off the mat.  The envelope parts are a slightly different color than the card.  If you want the envelope made from the same paper as the card just use the same color on that mat or move the part to the same color mat. 


 If you need help moving things around the mats watch my video.

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Assembling the Fancy Flaps Birthday Card

The card is fairly easy to put together.  Let’s do the envelope first though.  Start by re-creasing all the folds.  Glue the liner onto the envelope , lining up the fold line with the fold line on the top of the envelope.  Then fold the sides in with the center bottom folded in first , then the sides. Don’t glue them yet.  Take a scoring hand tool and mark where the sides intersect the bottom flap.  Pull the sides back up and glue the bottom where the sides intersect it up to the line.  Let the glue dry.  Fold down the top flap and make sure the envelope can completely cover the card.  Be careful not to wrinkle the inner liner.  The envelope is now done.  Set it aside until the card is assembled.

Now for the card.  First re-crease all the folds.  Then glue all the embellishments  together and glue them on the overlays.  Follow the pictures if you have questions.  Finally glue the overlays onto the card.

And your Fancy Flaps Birthday Card is done.  It comes with its own custom envelope for mailing.

Fancy Folds Birthday Card
Fancy Folds Birthday Card

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