Make This Flower Basket Birthday Card

I took a little break from hoilday cards to make this flower basket birthday card.  This time of year I always run out of birthday cards.  This one adds lots of cheer and color to someone’s special day.  To see other birthday card ideas and projects, click this link.

This card will require a custom envelope.  Luckily I have an instructional video on how to make a custom envelope with or without a liner and even 3D if you need one.

You will need:
Paper Selection

I couldn’t find a nice basket weave paper for this flower basket  birthday card so I made one.    The base card paper needs to let the pen show up but doesn’t have to be very heavy or two sided.  The paper for the flowers and stems, on the other hand, do have to be two sided though because you do see the backs.

The flowers are made with bright pastel colors but you can use any color you want.

Cutting the Flower Basket Birthday card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  The basket weave goes beyond the cuts but that is OK.  I used a brown marker for the weave.  The writing is done in yellow  gel pen.  Did you know that you can use any pen in your Cricut?  You can see the trick here.  I used the Girly Stencil font in the Design Space file and I used a font called Girly Love in the SVG file and I got it at Creative Fabrica.

The stems are very thin and there are a lot of them.  Be careful removing them from the mat.  There are also a lot of little circles that are easy to lose. If you want the front flowers to be dual sided duplicate a few of the little circles.  That is explained more below.

Assembling the Flower Basket Birthday Card

Flower Assembly

This is a little complicated.  But first re crease the folds on both base cards.  Next assemble all the flowers and stems.  You can either follow the pictures or just wing it.  If you wing it, there are some reccomendations.  Put the little circles (flower centers) on a flower of a different color.  Also, put the big flowers on the big stems and the little ones on little stems.  Make sure you save some little flowers to decorate the inside of the card.  There should not be enough stems anyway, but little flowers fit better on the card than big ones.  I know some of this sounds obvious but, take my word for it, you need to plan ahead a little.  Next attach the stems to the back of the base card with the text on it (base card facing forward).  

Card Assembly

Face the flowers  you want to on the front section facing backwards.    Face the flowers you want on the back of the card facing the front.  Spread them out randomly.  Then glue the front base card over the stems so that they are tucked in between the base cards and the basket pattern on both base cards can be seen. 

Finally you can assemble the Happy Birthday and attach it to the front of the card and attach the little flowers set aside to the inside of the card. If you want, make some extra circles and put flower centers on the back of the flowers attached to the front of the card, so that they are dual sided.

And your Flower Basket Birthday Card is done!  I hope those assembly instructions made sense.  Make a custom envelope by following the instructions here.


Birthday Candle Fun Facts
Birthday candles started in Ancient Greece to honor the moon Goddess, Artemis.  The world record for birthday candles on a cake goes to Sri Chinmoy with 70,000 candles.  He used a fire extinguisher to blow them out.

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