Make This Gnome of the Free Pop Out Card

I wanted to try this Gnome of the Free Pop Out Card to see how it would look.  I really liked it.  The center pop out adds some dimension and really makes this card special.  Can you tell that I like gnomes?  I found this drawing and had to use it!

Remember, this 4th of July we are celebrating back to normal times.  But there are still people you won’t see, so send them this card to tell them that you are still thinking of them.  This card is an odd size.  Finished dimensions are 4 X 5.6 inches.  It will fit in an A6 envelope (although not exactly) for mailing, or you can make your own envelope using this tutorial. 

You will need:
        • Heavy 2 sided cardstock for the base
        • Various Cardstock scraps
        • Pen
        • Glue
        • Download File
Paper Selection

The color choice for this Gnome of the Free card was obvious.  I chose red, white and blue (duh).  The blue base card needs to be two sided and so does the white.  The red and light blue don’t have to be though.  All the papers can be fairly light, but I would use at least 65 lb. wt.  I didn’t use any patterns, but you can if you want.

Cutting the Gnome of the Free card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a blue Cricut pen for the drawing and writing and one of my own fonts, CMV Starry Night for the writing.  It is a fill in font and you can find out more about fill in fonts and where to get my fonts here.

The white pieces especially have very ornate cuts and I suggest cutting those pieces twice by pressing the C button before removing the mat to make sure the papers are cut all the way through.  Also they are difficult to remove from the mat without tearing so be very careful.  

The stars around the ovals and on the white piece are from the flag cut outs so make sure you save them.

Assembling the Gnome of the Free Card

First thing to do is to re-crease all the folds.  Be careful on the white pieces because the cuts are very near the fold lines.

Start the assembly by lining up the score line of the smaller white piece and the blue base card, and then gluing the smaller white piece to the base card.  Then glue the ends of the larger white piece to the base card, but leave the center between the score lines free.  The outer two score lines should line up with the edges of the smaller white piece.  This makes the pop out section.  Next line up the score line on the red piece with the writing and glue it to the lower part of the large white piece pop out section.

Next assemble the red sections and the ovals on top of the white sides of the inside of the card.  Lastly, glue the stars to the card as in the drawing.  The inside of the card is done.

Close the card and line up the flag design with the white solid piece first, then the light blue, the red and finally the dark blue piece.  Center and glue these layers to the front of the card.


And your Gnome of the Free Card is done!  It fits into an A6 envelope for mailing or you can make your own.


Fireworks Fun Facts
  • Fireworks originated in China around 2000 years ago.
  •  A shell that emits stars in a perfect circle, with the brightness growing as the circle gets bigger, is called a “chrysanthemum”. 
  • A firework that has stars that fly outward, then start to descend, is called a “peony”.
  • The largest ever firework display consisted of 810,904 fireworks

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