Make This Great Pop Up Pumpkin Card

I love how this pop up pumpkin card turned out! Insipration comes in the weirdest ways.  This card was inspired by setting an ornament on top of a randow card and viola!  When you open the card the 3D pumpkin greets you! Make this great card for your little monsters.

 This is the October 2021 Patreon Card for The Crazy Cricut Lady.  The tutorial is free but to download the design you will need to first become a patreon supporter of The Crazy Cricut Lady site.  This is completely separate from my site membership and does cost $1 per month.  That helps me keep the rest of this site free and allows me to help pay for the site.  One project per month is posted on my patreon site but you get access to all past projects when you join and help support this site.  Consider joining my patreon supporters now.

The front of this card has lots of layers to glue together for those of you who love that.  This card fits into an A7 card for mailing.

You will need:
Paper Selection for the Pop Up Pumpkin Card

The base card needs to be fairly heavy (65 lb. wt.) but doesn’t have to be 2 sided.  If you choose a two sided paper though you don’t need the green rectangle under the front.  The front of card was done with scraps from my scrap bin.  They can be of any weight.   The pumpkin really doesn’t work with patterned or glitter paper (glitter paper splits when folded).  Two sided paper works best for the pumpkin.

Cutting the Pop Up Pumpkin Card

Cut the design and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a black pen for both the inside of the card and the orange sign on the front.  I used a font called Scary Zombie.  It seemed appropriate.  You can get it for free at Dafont.

A lot of the pieces are very fine so be careful when removing them from the mat.

Assembling the Pop Out Pumpkin Card
This card is a little harder to assemble.  Start by re-creasing all the folds including the ones on the pumpkin and the “lid”.  
I started by assembling the front of the card.  The orange layer goes first on the bottom.  Moving up, next is the light purple layer, then the dark purple layer.  Next comes the orange grass then the green grass and finally the gate then the sign.  Add the spiders, ghosts and bats as in the picture above and the front cover is done.  Attach it to the front of the card.


Pop Out Pumpkin Assembly

First attach the faces to the pumpkin with the tops of the faces towards the hexagon at the center.  The eyes and mouths are interchangeable but I like the way I arranged them so follow the design in the file.  Then take the “lid” and attach each arm of the pumpkin to the tabs of the lid.  Once it is done, glue the lid to the card centered on the bottom half of the base card with the pumpkin flattened.  Make sure that the sides all fit within the bottom section of the base card.  If it extends across the fold in the base card, your card won’t work properly.

Attach the vines around the pumpkin and on the top.  Open and close the card a few times to make sure it works properly.  The pumpkin may have to be “plumped” when the card opens.


And you Pop Up Pumpkin card is done!  Remember it fits into an A7 envelope for mailing.

The Story of the Jack o Lantern

The life of a blacksmith from Ireland was the known origin of jack-o’-lanterns.  Legend says that in the 18th century, a blacksmith from Ireland named Jack made a pact with a devil. After his death, he was given the curse to walk the face of the earth without an end. Since he was afraid of the dark, he went to Lucifer and was asking for light to bring with him. He was given a burning ember which was put on a turnip that’s hollowed-out to serve as a lantern. From there, the evolution of the jack-o’-lanterns came to be.

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