Make This Lizard Terrarium Drink Cup With Vinyl

The shape of this drink cup lends it self to an aquarium or terrarium. So I made this lizard terrarium drink cup! I made the fish tank earlier. Either one is just adorable and I love them!

Lizard Terrarium Drink Cup
Lizard Terrarium Drink Cup

I didn’t want the permanent vinyl to be too thick so I cut each piece out of the blue “water” background and carefully layered the whole project.  The branch was too much so I did a combo of layering techniques.  The thicker the vinyl the easier it will peel later so keep it to as few of layers as possible.

What you will need
  • various shades permanent vinyl 
  • something to put it on
  • weeding tools
  • Download File
Sizing Your Vinyl for the Lizard Terrarium Drink Cup

If you want your vinyl to stick even if the drink cup sweats or gets washed, you must use permanent vinyl.  I am still not going to put it in the dishwasher though, but you could.  The vinyl is cut out so that there is only one layer of thickness for everything except the branch and the rock.

Measure the middle width of the drink cup and that is how wide to make the design.   Mine was 5 inches wide.  If your not sure it is the right size, cut the water layer from cardstock and lay it on the drink cup to size it.  Then you can make any adjustment before cutting the vinyl.  

Cutting Vinyl for the Lizard Terrarium Drink Cup

First cut the light blue sky and weed it.  I used a darker blue the first time I made this and it just was too dark.  Then transfer it to a transfer sheet.  I mainly use clear contact paper for this size project.  After transferring the sky, cut the branch.  Use painters tape to take it off the carrier sheet and put them in the right spot on the transfer tape with the water.  It goes so that it is just under the lizard and fits between the grass cut outs.

Then cut the rest of the parts and repeat the process.  The rock goes over the top of the grass.  Before trying to attach vinyl to the drink cup, clean it with rubbing alcohol and make sure it is dry.  When all the pieces are ready, invert and attach the vinyl to the drink cup.  Use a spatula to smooth the vinyl and then remove the transfer tape.

And your lizard terrarium drink cup is done, unless you want to put a name on it too.  Then just follow the transfer rules above and put a name over the sky or dirt.


General Weeding Tips

Once the pattern is all cut, you will need to weed it.  This pattern is extremely easy to weed but here are some tips for other projects.

I have a Cricut Bright Pad.  They are about $48 at amazon.  You need some type of light source to put under more complex projects.  Before I got the Brightpad, I used a LED lamp , a bowl and a piece of glass.  It wasn’t high tech but it worked.  Any light pad will work.  You can find others on Amazon for under $20.  But they are smaller.

Also you will need a sharp pick.  I have a set from Harbor Freight that cost 2 or 3 dollars.  I have just found a pinpen from that works great.  While you are there look at the weeding ring.  It is great!  I used to stick the weeded vinyl to my hand but my skin had a reaction to the sticky.  The weeding ring solved that. 

Here is another trick that works well.  Rub a very little bit of baby powder on the back of the vinyl. You will be able to see the lines clearly.  If you do this, make sure to wipe the baby powder off with a damp rag before applying the vinyl.

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