Make This Snowflake Layered Mandala

This Snowflake Layered Mandala is made with 4 different types of paper.  I used 2 regular cardstocks (white and grey), vellum, glitter cardstock and foiled paper.

The project is 5 layers, filling in each layer a little more with each level.  It creates a wonderful effect and is really a lot easier than it looks.  The download files use widely different colors to make it easier to make, but you can put in whatever paper you want.

You will need:
        • paper of various types
        • cardstock for the background
        • Glue or Foam tape
        • Frame
        • Download File
Paper Selection for Snowflake Layered Mandala

This project can be made with any paper.  I used silver foiled paper for the back layer,  Vellum for the next layer, grey then white cardstock.  And finally glitter cardstock for the top layer.  You can use others, like a patterned paper or whatever you want.  (I would use the patterned as the top layer.)  Be creative and go wild.  I wanted to show that any type of paper could be used.

Cutting the Snowflake Layered Mandala

Start with the lowest layer and cut the designs upward in layer.  This is a must!

Be careful removing the snowflakes from the mat because the lines can be thin, the top layer especially.


Assembling the Layered Angel Wall Art

As you cut the layers, build up from the bottom.  Glue each layer to the one below it before you cut the next layer.  This way you don’t lose the little pieces. if there are little pieces (they are all connected in this mandala)

You can glue the layers together with foam tape or liquid glue.  Foam tape adds more dimension to the project but you end up using a lot of it.  

Once the layers are all together, use a piece of cardstock. either patterned or plain, that goes with your color scheme for a base.  Frame the piece with a shadowbox frame. If you used foam tape you should put foam tape between the mat and the glass along the edges to make the frame stick up far enough to give the project room if you want a regular frame.


And your Snowflake Layered Mandala done.  Before I frame it I want to put Ken’s name and birth and death dates on it and make it a memorial to him.

Different Types of Paper

There are many types of paper for crafting and they come in many weights.

  • Cardstock with weights from 20 to 165 lb weight.  It comes in a multitude of colors and patterns
  • Vellum – very thin and usually see though
  • Copy paper – 20 lb weight is various colors
  • Foil Paper – Cardstock with one or both sides covered completely with foil.
  • Glitter Paper – usually very heavy and covered with glitter.  It can be hard to cut
  • Poster Board – very heavy paper and hard to cut
  • Foam Board – Has a layer of foam between two layers of paper.  Can only be used on Cricut if it is 2mm or thinner
  • Photo paper – has a layer on one side to make printing pictures easier and more vivid
There are many more and all have their uses.

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