Make This Thanksgiving Arrow Fold Card

Some of us are having a virtual Thanksgiving again this year. Let them know you are still thankful for them with this Thanksgiving Arrow Fold card.  Whether it is the pandemic or travel issues, we can be with our family virtually.

You will need:

        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • Scraps of cardstock
        • liquid glue
        • Pen
        • Download File
Paper Selection for the Thanksgiving Arrow Fold Card

I used this black and white two sided paper for the base card.  Choose whatever paper you want but the base card does have to be two sided and fairly heavy (100 lb. wt. at least).  The other embellishments can be made from any paper.

Cutting the Thanksgiving Arrow Fold Card

Cut the card base and the cricut will do the writing.  I used a salmon gel pen to show up on the white for the writing.  I used Arial font for the writing.

The score lines do not meet at the top.  This is on purpose and makes the card easier to fold.

Some of the embellishments have thin cuts so be careful when removing them from the mat so that they don’t tear. 

Assembling the Thanksgiving Arrow Fold Card

First, re crease all the folds and fold them into an arrow.  The folds don’t exactly meet at the top.  This is by design.  It keeps the card from being too bulky and folding flat.  Then glue the small flourishes to the bottom of the card.  Space them evenly across the bottom.  Attach them with liquid glue.

Next, glue the large flourishes to the inside flaps and glue the baked turkey between the fold and the flaps.  Next, on the front, glue the live turkey on the arrow.

Your Thanksgiving Arrow Fold Card is done.  The card requires a square envelope for mailing and you can learn to make one here.

Turkey Fun Facts
  • Only male turkeys gobble.
  • Wild turkeys can fly. 
  • Wild turkeys sleep in trees. 
  • They can change colors. 
  • Their poop identifies their gender.
  • Turkeys can see better than humans.
  • Presidential pardons for turkeys started in 1989.

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