Make This Two Layer Gift Box With A Bow

This two layered gift box creates its own wrapping paper.  And I added a bow for the complete package (pun intended).  The sides meet up and if you select the proper pattern you can barely tell.  This was inspired by a jewelry box I got as a gift.

These boxes are colorful and uniquely yours.  I even put on a custom ribbon I made with my Cricut.   You could even write a name on the top flap.

You will need:
Paper Selection for the Two Layer Gift Box

The more colorful the paper the better.  This project is a great use for all that patterned paper I keep buying at Hobby Lobby!  And the paper can be selected for the occasion.  The paper does have to be two sided (the inside box isn’t and it would look better if it was) and it does have to be very heavy to stand up (at least 110 lb. wt. or heavier).  

Choose a subtle pattern for the outer box without a “direction” to it so that when it meets at the sides it isn’t noticeable.  Glitter and foil paper tend to crack when folded so be careful when using them and they don’t allow you to write the names on them.  

If you decide to write the name on the boxes make sure the pen will show up on the design of the paper.

Cutting the Two Layer Gift Boxes

The boxes cut easily but you will need to re-crease the folds.  A easy tip is to use a scoring board or sliding paper cutter to re-crease the folds.  Instead of moving the blade across the project, line up your score line on the cutter under the blade path and instead of cutting with the blade, use your scoring tool in the groove.  it allows you to keep the line straight.

If you want to add the name to the gift boxes, it can go on either of the end flaps on the long piece.  I suggest that you use a fill in font to make the name stand out.   If you want to see my fill in fonts, find them here.

Assembling the Small Gift Boxes

Re-crease all the fold lines for the boxes.  Start assembling the box for the center.  First fold all the tabs in, and then glue them to the side next to it.  This will create a box without a lid.  Set this box aside for the moment.

For the second box, first tuck the small tabs under the end and glue them.  Do this on both ends.  Look at the pictures if you have any questions.  This creates “box” ends on both sides.  The tabs on the ends are longer.  They overlap to form the top.  If you put a name on one tab, make sure that tab is on the outside.  Lastly, glue the other box to the center section of the long piece.

Now for the bow.  First, glue the long pieces with circles together at the circles, making loops and then glue the circle of the little piece around the middle.   I used glitter paper for the bow.  If you use glitter paper, you may need to glue it with a glue gun.

Finally, fold the box and glue the bow on top, making sure the name is on top if you added one.


And your two layer gift box is done!

Wrapping Fun Facts
  • For a fun extra decorating trick, wrap your wall hangings, it is an easy way to add a holiday touch to your walls.  Then when the season is over everything looks new and fresh.
  • Hallmark, in 1917, invented modern wrapping paper.   They ran out of tissue paper and substituted envelope lining paper.  Customers loved it and an industry was born.
  •  Wrapping paper is fun and pretty but it creates 4 million tons of trash each year in the States.  But these boxes are reusable, so no trash!  Besides who throws away handmade items?
  • Up until the early 1900s, brown paper was typically used as wrapping paper for gifts and purchased goods.

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