Make This Witch Halloween Treat Pillow 2021

With this Witch Halloween Treat Pillow 2021, you can put more candy and treats in this larger pillow.  See the previous smaller treat pillow here.  Perfect for Halloween parties, classroom students or trick or treaters.

What little witch wouldn’t love this treat packet?  And this one is bigger and there is no print then cut image.  I know it is early but this way you can make dozens!

You will need:

Paper Selection for the Halloween Treat Pillow 2021

The base paper for this pillow needs to pretty heavy to hold up (at least 110 lb. wt.).  I used a plain orange paper but a subtle pattern would work too. The color scheme is traditional Halloween colors and the paper for the embellishments can be any weight.  Pattern may work for the bigger pieces and glitter or foil will definitely look great too.

Cutting the Halloween Treat Pillow 2021

Your Cricut will do the writing.  I used a green marker and the words are drawn Access images.

The embellishments have many thin parts so be careful when removing them from the mat.  Otherwise cutting this project is very straight forward.

A Quick Word About Access

All the images in this project are Cricut Access images.  Most of my projects include Cricut Access images because I know that everyone using Design Space can get those images.  And if you are an Access member, you can use them for free.  There are other benefits for having Access, like Access member only sales, a 10% discount at Cricut and free shipping.  See them here.  Or you can just click this link to sign up for Access.  

After December, Cricut will start limiting the number of uploads and possibly the number of categories you can have if you don’t have Access.  And if this works to increase the subscription rate, I bet more things will be “Access Members Only.”  Think about signing up now because it IS really worth $10 per month and it will probably go up after December for new subscribers.


Re crease the folds but wait until the project is together to fold the flaps. First assemble the embellishments.  They are easy to assemble but look at the pictures above if you need help.   I prefer Art Glitter Glue for this and they stop shipping sometime in October until Spring, so order enough to last you the Winter. 

Glue the two inside tabs together with liquid glue and press hard until it dries.  There is a lot of stress on this bond so be generous with the glue.  Now you can fold in the curved flaps at the top and bottom. 

And your Halloween Treat Pillow 2021 is done.  Your little trick or treaters will love the treats you stuff in the pillow.

I am a diabetic so I don’t like having candy in my house and kids get enough sugar this time of year.  So I have a list of places to get non candy treats for Halloween.

  • Oriental Trading – This site is the mother load of non candy treats especially if you get hundreds of trick or treaters..  You can get both cheap and more pricy treats of all descriptions and even Halloween decorations and games.
  •  Party City – This site has more higher quality (and therefore more expensive) treats and also any supplies you need for a Halloween Party.
  • Walmart – They have lots of pencils and inexpensive gifts but they go fast for the nicer ones so buy early.
  • Dollar Tree – They always have lots of Halloween stuff for $1 and while you are there, they have craft supplies too.
  • I will be making some treats to give out and posting the tutorials here when they are ready.  So check back often!  You can give homemade gifts!

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