Make Your Own Harry Potter Clock

I made this Harry Potter Clock for my daughter Cordelia.  She is a huge Harry Potter Fan and just loved it.  I have made dozens of personalized  clocks of various designs and given them as gifts to everyone.  You can design one too with my video tutorial.  

You can make your own Harry Potter Clock
Harry Potter Clock

I made it with a clock I bought at Walmart for three dollars and a pattern I downloaded.  I didn’t put it in the design space file because it isn’t mine but I will tell you where I got it.  Sparky’s scratches has lots of free digital scrapbook kits.  I used the pattern from the Hogwarts Kit.  Check them out.

What you will need:
Prepare the Clock

The first thing you will need to do is take your clock apart.  My clock was held together with screws in the back.  Once it is apart you need to measure the diameter of the clock.  Mine is 7.25 inches across.  If yours is different you will need to adjust the circle sizes in design space.

Make your own clock taken apart
Clock taken apart
Cutting the Clock Faces

Through much trial and error I have discovered that however you make your clock there are a couple simple rules.  Only one of the papers can have a design on it and the darker of the two papers must go in the back.  The rest is up to you.

To put the pattern on the clock face remember that the max size for print then cut is 6.75 by 9.25 so since we are doing a circle the maximum size is 6.75 inches.  I decided to have a border going around the outside of the clock and cut the black  background color  to 7.25 inches and it looked great.

If you need help with putting the pattern on the front face see my video on uploading pattern in Design Space – There is nothing to be scared of


Once the two clockface layers are cut, the bigger on goes in the back.  Glue the two pieces together well.  Any little part that aren’t glued down can interfere with the hands of the clock.

Once the pieces are glued together put them on the center post of the clock and re attach the hands.  Move the hands around using the controls on the clock to make sure nothing interferes with their movement.  Then reassemble your clock.  Put a battery in it.

And your Harry Potter clock is done.  Here are some pictures of the other design I have done.

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