Hair Bows with Hobby Lobby Faux Suede Ribbon

These hair bows with Hobby Lobby Faux Suede Ribbon first appeared in my blog with my leftover projects in February.  I had a couple of requests for more so I decided to make some.  Soon the subject turned to tips for working with the Hobby Lobby Faux Suede because I discovered some tips for making it cut better.

The size and variety is endless but whether making hair bows or earrings (I will have some soon) you need to know how to cut the Hobby Lobby Faux Suede Ribbon.  It is in the fabric section.  Hobby Lobby Faux Suede Ribbon is usually $4.99 a roll but is on sale for 50% off all the time.  You can make a lot of ribbons and earrings with one roll too!  And the color and pattern selection is abundant too.

What you will need:
  • Roll of Hobby Lobby Faux Suede
  • Glue Gun
  • Barrette clips (also available at Hobby Lobby)
  • Download File
Faux Suede Selection

As you can see the faux suede is available in many colors.  It all has a white backing so I stick to lighter colors so that I don’t have to deal with it.  If you use dark colors, you might consider using two layers back to back, and coloring the edges with a dark similar colored marker.

Cutting the Faux Suede Ribbon
This is the most important section of this tutorial.  Other people may make it work other ways, but this is what works for me.  It works with the Maker and the Air machines.
First of all, I use my deep cut blade.  I can make it work with the fine point blade but I have to cut it 5 or 6 times to cut all the way through.  When selecting a material setting, I cut it on Faux Leather and More setting.  This cuts twice which seems to be enough.  Finally I use a fairly new mat when cutting and tape the material down to keep it in place.  I use the Paper Studio mats and keep one for just this type of thing.  It is also good for fabric if it is fairly new.  When it won’t hold the material any more it is still sticky enough for paper.
To cut the material, I put it face down.  This cuts much better and it seems to stick much better.  If the project needs it you would have to mirror it like this, but the ribbons are symmetrical and it works without mirroring.  This leaves the backing facing up. 
When it finished cutting, before removing the mat, I check the cut to make sure it went through.  Everything I have cut so far has cut through, but I check anyway.  If it wouldn’t have cut through, I would have just pressed the C button on my machine and cut it again.
I am then ready to assemble the hair bows.
Assembling the Faux Suede Ribbon Hair Bows
The hair bows are easy to assemble with a glue gun.  Liquid glue just isn’t strong enough.  Most of the hair ribbons fold over into a loop with the joint in the center back.  The first ribbon pictured has a second loop of a different color or pattern that goes over the first.  The ribbons with tails are attached at the center back with the glue gun.  There is usually a loop that goes around the center perpendicular to the center to hold it all together.  The tighter you make this band. the more crinkle the ribbon has.
Once the ribbon is assembled, simply attach it to the hair clip or barrette with an excess of glue from the glue gun.
And your hair ribbon made from faux leather ribbon is done!

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