Paper Flowers – The Christmas Poinsettia

The next type of paper flower I am going to tackle is the Christmas Poinsettia.  I attempted to make them from felt (It failed) and cardstock.  These are more difficult to make and require a little patience.  You can also see how to do rolled flowers too.

The Christmas poinsettia have 6 different pieces in the download file.  

What you will need:
Paper Selection

A set of pieces of the paper flowers can be cut from any color or patterned cardstock.  The Christmas poinsettia isn’t really a flower, it is just different colored leaves so the other set needs to be green, but the shade of green is up to you.  In a future lesson I will cut flowers from patterned paper.  Your imagination is your only limit.

Cutting the Christmas Poinsettia

I tried cutting this flower from felt and it didn’t work well.  I got it cut out but there was just too much “folding” for the felt flower to work right and it looked terrible.  Maybe later in the week I will try it in denim.  That should work well.

The parts of the paper flower can be cut on one mat.

Play Video



Watch my video for cutting Multiple colors on one mat

Assembling the Christmas Poinsettia

The little half circles on the flowers are the glue points.  Start by gluing them to the back of the rest of the flower making the flower curve inward.  I tried several types of glue.  Liquid glue works fine but you have to hold the flower together until the glue dries enough to hold.  Tape runner glue failed miserably.   Glue gun works on the paper, but of course, you generate “strings” These flowers are hard to glue together and they do not want to stay put without bending at the center.  Take your time and be patient.  I had to do several of these flowers before I got the hang of it.

Next hold the flowers together with brads through the small center hole at the center.  The leaves will be asymmetrical and kept looking funny but I like the end result.

I have made a page with all the links to the paper flower tutorials of Flower Week.  The tutorials for the other paper flowers and felt flowers can be found here.

Below is a picture of the wreath I made from all the flowers of Flower Week.

Flower wreath made from all the flowers made this week.

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