Making Your Own Multi Layered Mandala

I had many of you say that you interested in making your own multi layered mandala.  The following video will teach you exactly that!  You can also make your own mandala using the new offset tool.  See those videos here.

There are a few things you need:
  • First download a copy of Inkscape if you don’t already have it.  I use version 0.92.4.  There is a later version  (1.0) that just came out but I haven’t used it yet and wanted something I am familiar with.  The video tells you how to get it.
  • You then need a screen capture app.  I use Windows 10 Snip and Sketch.  It comes with Windows 10 and you can find it using the Cortana search on your Windows toolbar.  Any screen capture app will work.  You just need to move things from Design Space to Inkscape.
After watching this video you will know what kind of image you can use  for making your own multi layered mandala and how to create one from your own image! 
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If you have any questions while watching the video, email me at or leave a comment under this video.

I would love to see what you can make.  Please post pictures of your creation on my Facebook Group.

Question from Jenifer:

  • I just watched your video on making your own multilayered mandalas and at the end
    of the process in Inkscape, just before you saved it, there is one button you
    click that you don’t say what it is. 

That was the group together button. It looks like a circle over a square with dots at the corners.  This button makes all the selected items one path or group instead of two or many.  It is nice for moving things around together and I use it when I save a project so that it all stays together when uploaded back into Design Space.  If I don’t use that first sometimes it will place things not the way I arranged them.

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