Mask Save Lives Shirts and My Rant

Masks save lives.  Any of you that are members got this story with the newsletter today.  Those of you that didn’t should read this.

My Rant

Today I am going to go on a little bit of a rant. I don’t like to politicize this page. I encourage everyone to vote but I don’t express who to vote for. But something happened to me in Walmart the other day and I just have to share it. I was shopping in frozen foods, minding my own business, when these two kids were running around out of control without masks. Their father yelled at them and apologized to me. I said to him that I was more offended that they weren’t wearing masks. He proceeded to yell at me about how making him wear a mask was infringing on his civil rights. I informed him that not wearing a mask was infringing on my right to shop safely and that his civil rights only extended as far as they don’t infringe on someone else’s rights. He flipped me off and walked away. Now this made me angry. It still does as you can tell. I asked the check out lady why Walmart requires masks but doesn’t enforce it. She said that they can’t force someone to wear a mask with no mask mandate from the Governor. So I came home and wrote my Governor and started making t-shirts to express my feelings on the matter, which is my first amendment right. But people, protect yourselves and others and wear your mask in public. Masks save lives.  Ok. that is my rant. Sorry if I offended anyone.

Some of these designs are rather strong but this is how I feel.  If you need instructions on how to work with HTV there is a tutorial here.  

What you need:
  • various colors or patterns of HTV
  • Easy Press or Iron
  • Scissors
  • Weeding Stuff
  • Light Source
  • Download Files
Color Choices for Masks Save Lives Shirts

As you can see I use my scrap bin of vinyl well.  You can make these shirts from any HTV you have and I tried to make them as colorful as possible.  They get noticed.

Making the Masks Save Lives Shirts

Instead of repeating the instructions here,  I wanted to say a few things about the types of HTV and the differences.

The first shirt uses the sports HTV with little hearts cut from the HTV.  It works great but has to be used on a large area to properly see the cut out hearts.

The second shirt uses HTV that I wish I remember where I got.  It has a different type of backing that isn’t a plastic sheet it is a cloth like material and works well anyway.

The last shirt uses a floral foil patterned HTV.  This is very difficult to cut.  If you use too much pressure it tears so I used the foil HTV setting and cut it 2 extra times by pressing the C button.  It was still hard to weed.  I tried to pull off the extra and it just didn’t want to stay behind on the plastic so I had to go very slowly and pull the letter out when they stuck.  It looks great but was hard to use.  Be prepared

1 thought on “Mask Save Lives Shirts and My Rant

  1. You have every right to be angry. People frequently talk about their rights but don’t understand where they start and where they stop. Writing to your Governor was the right response.
    The designs are great and I appreciate your take away from your experience. Thank you for sharing.

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