Mask Stickers: Everyone Hasn’t Gotten It Yet

With these mask stickers I am saying WEAR YOUR MASKS!!  I shouldn’t have to shout but, I do because everyone hasn’t got it yet.  Masks save lives.  They are not a political statement.  Masks are common sense and If I have to shout it everywhere I will!

I found this sticker paper at Walmart in the school supply aisle and bought all I could find.  It is paper with a sticky back and it was only $3-$4.  It had a black border around it.  I designed these as bumper stickers but being marker on paper that didn’t work so I stuck them on every surface I could find that wouldn’t get wet.

What you will need

Paper Selection
This sticker paper was at Walmart fairly cheaply.  I can’t find it anymore, so I put a substitute in the above link.  You could also use regular cardstock and a Xyron to make it sticky.  Everything is drawn so you will need a set of markers or pens.  The paper was 8.5 X 11 so I divided it in three and made each sized       so that all three fit on one page.
Cutting the Mask Stickers
The mask stickers are all drawn.  I bought a set of Cricut markers on clearance so I tried them out but you can use any marker or pen in your Cricut.  See the trick here.  After drawing the Cricut cut them out completely using the poster board setting.
Making the Mask Stickers
I can’t find the sticker paper at Walmart anymore but Avery makes a comparable product or you could use regular cardstock and a Xyron sticker maker machine.  Every craft room should have one of these wonderful machines.  Feed the stickers in one at a time after printed and they will stick.  While making them use a light color for the background colors and darker colors for the mask pictures and writing.
Mask Stickers wear your masks
Fact About Masks

When the CDC first urged Americans to wear face coverings in public in spring, the guidance was that it protected others.  But there is growing evidence that a mask can also give protection to the person wearing it.

“Recent data has now shown that as a matter of fact, there’s also the added benefit to protect you from droplets and virus that’s coming your way,”  Fauci said.

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