May 2019 Downloads

Yes! You can download all my files for free.  These are my May 2019 downloads.  They include Father’s Day and Mother’s Day Projects and more. 

The Design Space link opens the project ready to cut in Design Space.  This is the best way to get the projects.  Just save the file as you would your own and you will always have it. Most of my projects require Access to make the project for free.  Sometimes there is no Design Space File.  This probably means that I used an uploaded graphic in that project.

The Tutorial Post link will take you to my post where I talk about why and how I made the project.  It has specific instructions and tips for that project.  

The download file link will download the SVG to make the project. The instruction document in the zip file explains how to upload the SVG and any edits to the project that need to be made.  If you don’t have Access, this file will still let you make the project for free.

Closed Papa Cut Out Card
Closed Papa Cut Out Card
Coloring with Paper Flowers
Flower Bouquet


Coloring with Paper Shoe


Peek a Boo Father’s Day Card
Pink Flowered Slider Present Birthday Card
Slider Present Card
Present Slider Birthday Card
Graduation side step card
Graduation side step card
Side Step Graduation Card

This download file has been updated so you can make a girl graduate card or a boy graduate card

subway sign
Subway Sign
Subway Sign
Father" Day Easel Card
Father" Day Easel Card
Father’s Day Easel Card
Birthday Flip Card
Father’s Day Flip Card
Five Fold Birthday Card
Mothers Day Twist and Flip card
A vertical card for Mom joined with a grommet
Vertical Mom Card
Box card for mom with flowers and Butterfly
Mothers Day Box Card
Mothers Day Box Card
Movement Mothers Day Card
Gatefold Mother’s Day Card

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