May 2020 Downloads

Yes! You can download all my files for free.  These are my May 2020 downloads.  They include lots of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day projects as well as Graduation projects.

The Design Space link opens the project ready to cut in Design Space.  This is the best way to get the projects.  Just save the file as you would your own and you will always have it. Most of my projects require Access to make the project for free.  Sometimes there is no Design Space File.  This probably means that I used an uploaded graphic in that project.

The Tutorial Post link will take you to my post where I talk about why and how I made the project.  It has specific instructions and tips for that project.  

The download file link will download the SVG to make the project. The instruction document in the zip file explains how to upload the SVG and any edits to the project that need to be made.  If you don’t have Access, this file will still let you make the project for free.

Decorated Pyramid Shape top view
Pyramid Shape Box
All 3 Decorated Paper Cubes
All three Cubes
Decorated Paper Cubes
Pop Out thank you card opened
Card for Essential Workers
Pop Out Thank You Card for Essential Workers
3D Flower Spring Card

3D Flower Spring Card

3D Flower Sympathy Card

3D Flower Sympathy Card

How to Make Triskele Balls
Frot of caps off graduate card
Caps Off Graduation Card

Caps Off Graduate Card

Papa Bear card for Father's Day
Papa Bear Father's Day Card
Papa Bear Father’s Day Card
Altered gatefold graduation card in red and grey for Troy
Altered Gatefold Graduation Card
Altered Gatefold Graduation Card
Gatefold Cut out Sympathy Card
Lily Gatefold Cut Out Sympathy Card
Lily Gatefold Cut Out Sympathy Card
Open Gatefold Cut out Sympathy Card
Sympathy Card
Iris Gatefold Cut Out Sympathy Card
Mirror Engravings
Graduation wiper card open
Graduation Wiper Card
Graduation Wiper Card
Dad Sign Project framed
Dad Sign
DAD Layered Sign
Grad sign project
Grad Project Framed
GRAD Layered Sign
Front of Father's Day Humorous Card
Father's Day Humorous Card

Father’s Day  Humorous Card

Mother's Day Gatefold Card 2020 with card band
Mother's Day Gatefold Card 2020
Twist and Flip Mother's Day Card open
Twist and Flip Mother's Day Card

Mother’s Day Twist and Flip Card 2020

Mother's Day Rose Luminary Lit up
Mother's Day Luminary Lit Up
Mother’s Day Rose Luminary
Outside of mother's day rose squares card
Rose Squares Mother's Day Card

Rose Squares Mother’s Day Card

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  1. Thank you so very much for your generosity and willingness to help those of us who are just learning to use our machines..You are a very talented lady..

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