More St Patricks Day Gnomes To Make

Gnomes are back with these male and female St Patricks Day Gnomes!  The file makes them about 5 inches tall.  That is perfect for embellishments on cards and scrapbook pages.  Or make them bigger and hang them on the wall to decorate your space.

I also designed cards for some of the St Patricks Day gnomes and they are here.  They are adorable!  Make sure you check those out.

What you will need

Paper Selection

The colors these St Patricks Day Gnomes are green, of course.   Be creative and use some patterned paper or maybe emboss some of the clothes for more variation.  Your imagination is the only limit.  The clothes and beard need to be heavier weight paper (65 lb. wt.) to make it strong enough to support the rest.


Cutting The St Patricks Day Gnomes

This is a simple project to cut. You can make these gnomes as big or small as you want.  The limit to keep all the parts on a normal size mat is about 16-22 inches tall for each gnome. Try making each gnome larger until all the parts fit on one regular mat.  If you want to make it them smaller the limit is about 4 inches tall or the parts become too small.  There are a lot of very thin and tiny parts so be careful taking them off the mats and don’t lose them.

The Lucky Gnome has a drawing of a Celtic knot heart on his hat.  I used a green glitter gel pen.  Also he has all the leftover shamrocks glued to him (from the glasses, etc.), so all of them are not in the design file exactly.  Keep the extras and add them as you see fit.

Assembling the St Patricks Day Gnomes

If you want to emboss some of the clothes, this is the time to do that.  Sort the gnome parts into three separate piles before you start assembling. 

For the girl gnomes, start by gluing the hair to the underside of the hat.   Next, glue the hat and hair to the dress.  Add the embellishments to the top gnome and the shoes and arms under the dress.  Placing the arms can be tricky.  Just put them where it looks good and they can hold the props.  Don’t forget the noses.

For the boy gnomes, start with the beard and follow the pictures to assemble the gnomes.  If you want a little more dimension to the gnomes, use foam tape between the layers of the gnome.  Finally attach the embellishments each gnome. 

See the pictures if you have problems.  And don’t be afraid to mix and match decorations to personalize your gnomes.

And your St Patricks Day Gnomes are done!  Have a lucky day!  And don’t forget the cards.

If you like making gnomes I have several others like the Easter gnome bunnies.

Fun Facts About St. Patrick
  • St. Patrick wasn’t Irish.  He was actually British.
  •  He had visions and heard voices that he interpreted as from God.
  • There were never any snakes in Ireland for him to drive out.
  • He felt his work in Ireland was penance for something he did in his youth, but never elaborated on what that thing was.

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