Mother’s Day Flower Box Card

Impress everyone with this dynamic Mother’s Day Flower Box Card for mom. Mom will be so happy that you thought enough of her to make this homemade card.

To make this card you will need the gold flowers and a butterfly made with the Coloring with paper method.  The links will take you to the tutorial on how to make them.

What you need:
      • Heavy cardstock for the base (pale yellow)
      • 2 gold flowers done by Coloring with Paper Method 
      • Butterfly done with coloring with paper method
      • liquid glue
      • tape glue
      • Download file
Paper Selection

The base card needs to be fairly heavy paper, at least 100 lb weight.  The rest of the embellishments on the box sides are print then cut images and whatever paper is in your printer is fine but light cardstock would be better if your printer will take it.

The base card for the Mother;s Day Flower Box card can be patterned paper if you want.  It should be double sides though.  You don’t see much of it when the card is open but you do when the card is closed.

Cutting the Files

Print and cut everything out.  I made all the sides print then cut so that the colors would match.  Other than that, there isn’t much to cutting this card.


Re-crease the fold lines with a Popsicle stick. Form a cube with the large shape.  The flaps should fold to the outside. Glue the tab to the box with liquid glue and let it dry.  I did this mock up in blue and orange so that you could see it better.

Fold and glue the box so it looks like this

Folded Long Rectangle
Folded Long Rectangle

Fold the long rectangle so that it looks like this. 

Put glue on the places that touch the box and slide it into the squished the box.

Expanded Box
Expanded Box

When you expand it back to a cube the box should look like this.  It may take a couple of tries to get it just right.

Work the box a few times before you go on to make sure it flattens.  Then glue on the printed panels.  The tall ones go in the back. The shadows go on the bottom sections and the ornate pictures go on the box flaps.

Make 2 small flowers and a butterfly using the Color with Paper tutorials.

Once the flowers and the butterfly are made attach them to the inner cross pieces with a small cut of very strong cardstock leftover from cutting the box.

And your Mother’s Day Flower Box Card is done!  

If you want some variations feel free to use anything other than the flowers and butterfly or change the colors if you want.  Use your imagination.

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