Mother’s Day Rose Luminary

This Mother’s Day Rose Luminary will be the talk of all your Mom’s friends!  She will love that you took the time to make her a homemade gift this year.

With the light inside of it this looks AWESOME!  The pictures don’t even capture how good it looks!  It takes some patience to put this together but when it is done, WOW.  

What you will need

Paper Selection

Patterned paper looks terrific for this Mother’s Day Rose Luminary, but when it is dark and you light it up you can’t really see the pattern.  The vellum needs to be light.  I used a red vellum and it looks wonderful.  The paper weight needs to be about 100 lb weight for the box to stand up but it only needs to be one sided.

Cutting the Mother’s Day Rose Luminary
This is fairly straight forward to cut out.  Vellum is difficult to cut on a Cricut.  You must make sure it is well sealed to the mat or the vellum will tear. Use a scrapper to make sure it is well secured and there are no air bubbles.  The cuts are very intricate so you need to take care when removing them from the mat.
If you want to put a bottom on your luminary I have included it in the file and will tell you how to attach it.  It really isn’t necessary though.

This is where it gets tricky.  The first thing to do is re-crease the score lines.  There are four on the top and bottom,  and one on each side.  After re-creasing, you want to attach the vellum to the back of the cut out square sections.  Make sure the vellum is inside the folds.  I glued the vellum with glue on the cardstock so that the glue isn’t visible.  Art Glitter glue dries clear, but smears with affect the vellum when you shine light through it.

Glue it in a cross with the lid of the Mother’s Day Rose Luminary (the part that has the writing on it) at the top the way you do when assembling a tissue box.  Make sure all the tabs on the sides face the same way.  Then fold the sides down one at a time.  Put glue on the tabs and glue to the next side.  If you don’t want to attach the bottom, stop here.

The bottom (no cut outs) only gets glue on two adjacent sides.  Tuck the other two tabs up in the luminary without gluing them.  That way the little tea light can be added and turned on and off later.

After assembly, try it out and make sure it works.


And your Mother’s Day Rose Luminary is done!  Your Mom will love it!


Here are more pictures of it lit up.

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