Movement Mother’s Day Card

This Movement Card looks complex, but it isn’t. And it also looks elegant.  Tell your mom how you feel about her.  I bet she plays with it for hours.

You will need:

        • Heavy two sides cardstock for the base
        • Plain heavy cardstock for the inside
        • Download File
        • Glue
This Card is Amazing

This card slides back and forth, but with the way the cardstock in the center is printed it gives the appearance of animation.  While you have the file open play with it a little.  Drag the grid over the printed card and you will see just how it moves.

Looking at the cardstock after it is printed will seem a little off but once it is together WOW!  

Making it

Cut out the parts of the card.  Both pieces need to be of fairly thick cardstock for the card to move properly.

Fold over the grid piece and glue only 1/4 inch on the bottom and side without the half circle cut out.  Gluing more than that will cause the card to stick, less will cause it to wiggle.  Slide the center cardstock in, the pull end last.  

Working the Card

Work the card a few times to make sure the gap is right.  The way to move this card is only pull it a slight bit then slide it back.  Try not to pull the card all the way out.  Working the card makes the “I Love You Mom” appear to be fluttering up and down.

My Inspiration

I saw this type of card on a webpage made with dragonfly stamp.  She cut the slots by hand. I knew I could never do that, so I adapted it for cricut.  I wish I could find that page again.  She deserves some of the credit for the idea, but I can’t find the page.  If you know who did that card please  let me know so I can credit her.

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