My Leftover Projects That Maybe You Like

We all have those leftover projects.  Ones that didn’t look the way we pictured, or took too long to make and the situation no longer applied.  Leftover projects are part of the creative process.  

I thought I’d share a couple with you and maybe you could make some changes and they wouldn’t be leftover anymore.  I’d love to see what you have done with them.  Post a picture of a reconditioned project in my Facebook group under this announcement and  I will give a set of my fonts to anyone who posts a picture. The downloads for these projects are here.

Honor Society Card

I didn’t really like how the writing turned out on this card.  I thought about redoing it with a different pen, but I needed to send it off right away to be there in time for the party.  Get the download file here.

But I really liked the card style and the way it stood 3D.  This card could easily be made into a graduation card.   And I also loved how the front of the card turned out.  If you need instructions on doing this card email me.

Short Tissue Box

I was designing ahead and did this box for Easter.  I never really liked the eggs.  They just didn’t look right to me.  I had done several tissue boxes and put this one in the leftover projects pile.  The download file is here.

If you want to make this box, the instructions for the tall rectangular tissue box can be found here.  Here are some more views:

Get Well Z Fold Card

The colors were never quite right with this card.  I don’t like Z Fold cards for some reason.  It is another leftover project where I tried to use the wavy blade and that part of the card turned out pretty good.  The download file is here.

If I had changed the color of the pills and the bottle maybe it would look better.  But I moved on to other things and forgot about it.  If you want to know how to put together a Z Fold card, go here.

Get Well Card Leftover
Goddess Phone Decoration

I love this design.  I still use the phone case.  But it seemed a little simple to make.  I designed the graphics and that wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t hard either.  I just didn’t think anyone would be interested so in the leftover projects pile it went.  The download file is here.

If you need instructions go to my vinyl page here.

Faux Leather Hair Bow

I designed this bow during Cordelia’s hair bow phase.  It lasted about two weeks. Here is the tutorial on how to make them.   And about the same time I was doing the Faux Leather Earrings and I guess I just forgot about it. 

Bleach Shirt Yoda

I had made this design for the post on the bleach shirt technique and it was a huge fail.  But my brother liked the idea so much that he asked me to try again and this is the result.  He loves it and I do too but I had already posted the fail and it was awhile later so I never posted the design.  

Because Yoda is a copywrited image, I can’t post an SVG image but I can post the Design Space project and you can buy the proper license from Cricut.  The image is $1.99, but if you are a Yoda freak like me you will use it again.

In Conclusion

I hope you got something from my leftovers.  Here is what I learned for this article: Don’t ever give up on a project.  It may be useful for someone else or it may inspire your next idea.

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