Beautiful Napkin Fold Incire Card

This Napkin Fold Incire card is a wonder!  But this is not a one and done card.  It took me two days to fold all the tabs.  But it was worth it!  I gave this to a friend and she loved it.

The cuts and folds add so much to this card.  They are a lot of work though and I have classified them as advanced projects but they actually are easy to cut.  The hard part is the folding.

The final dimensions of this card is about 6X6 so a square envelope that size is needed to mail the card.  

You will need:

        • Cardstock for the base 
        • Two sided cardstock for the triangles
        • Pen
        • Glue
        • Download File
Paper Selection

I found some nice Cricut two sided cardstock for this project.  The paper for the triangles must be two sided so that the contrast in color is featured.  Just as I said yesterday though  white is a color too.  The base card can be any color that goes with either side of the triangles.  I wouuld stick to plain paper.

Origami paper works nicely for the the triangles but I haven’t found any origami paper big enough. You will need two sheets. 

Cutting the Card

The Design Space file comes in two project files otherwise it takes forever to load.  The colors of the triangles and the card band are cut from the same two sided paper.  In the design Space file it tries to put the triangles on two different sheets of paper and you may have to move them manually. I tried to fix this but it wouldn’t stay.  If you need help with this see my video on moving things on mats.

Play Video

Cutting the card is the easy part of this project.  But with all the intricate cuts be sure that the card cuts all the way through.  I generally cut the project twice by hitting the C button on the machine before unloading the mat.  It is real frustrating not to have the paper cut properly when you are folding.  And the paper tears easily if you tug.

I used a font called Alt Kora.   It is free at the Alt Foundry.  They have a lot of really neat fonts.  Check them out.


I just copied most of the folding instructions from other Incire posts but I changed what was relevant to this napkin fold card. 

These projects don’t have score lines because they would be so small.  The paper folds easily though.  First put the primary side facing up.  Then fold all the little tabs straight up, like this:


You can start tucking at the top or the bottom of each row.  Then tuck the raised pieces in the opposite way they were cut so that the back color shows.  Each tab is tucked beneath the part next to it.  Don’t worry if you tuck it in wrong, just un-tuck back to where the error is and try again.  Nothing at this point is glued and comes undone with just a little pull

Fold Pattern Napkin Fold
Finishing Up

The first thing you will want to do is re-crease the base card.  Follow the picture above.  Fold it a few times to make it easier.

Once everything is tucked in you will have one tab left at the end of each row.  You can cut it off if you want, but I prefer to glue it down continuing the pattern.  After each piece is tucked set it aside and move on to the next piece.

After all the pieces are folded, line up the triangle pieces on the base card.  Alternate the two sides of the triangles by following the picture above.  Glue the pieces down once you are sure the pattern is right.

The card band just fits around the card.  Glue it closed at the front.  Attach the triangle embellishment with the alternate color up.

Your Incire Napkin Fold card is done.  I hope you enjoyed this project.  

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