New Easter Infinity Card Redone

The Infinity card is one of my favorites. You can just keep opening it forever.  I updated this card from one I did last year.  The parts never cut easily so I remade it.  You can see the old card here.

This version cuts much cleaner.  Everyone will love this amazing card.  The finished size is 6X6 so it fits in an envelope that size for mailing.

Download the files here

You will need
Paper Selection for the Easter Infinity Card
The base card paper needs to be fairly heavy.  Make it at least 100 lb weight.  It needs to hold up to being folded a lot.  I would go with plain paper because you really don’t see a lot of it.  The squares can be patterned or plain.  I cut all the little pieces with different metallic or glitter paper, but each size is the same color. 
You can use any paper you like even patterned. Try to keep to just one patterned paper or they get confused.  And the eggs are very small so you would need a small pattern.

The eggs are small and are difficult to cut.  It took me several tries to get all of them.  Be careful when taking them off the mat they tear easily.

When cutting the base card, you can cut them from one sheet of cardstock.  Just move the single base piece to the mat with the other pieces.  If you need help doing I made a video to explain the process.  Watch it here:

Play Video
Re crease all the folds on the 3X6 rectangles then glue them together like this picture.  Do not over glue or the infinity card won’t work.
Infinity Card Gluing Instructions

Once the glue has dried, play with the card a little to make it easy to work.  Next you want to put all the embellishment pieces together.  It is pretty clear what goes on each size piece. 

When you have all the squares assembled, Glue the panels to the card with a small dab of glue or removable tape glue so that you can change the position if it isn’t right.   The two  bunny and basket squares go on specific squares. Fold your card so that it looks like a plus sign (the third picture above). Glue the bunny and basket squares to those blocks. This helps because only half of those panels can be seen in one view( middle picture) and these blocks works because they have two separate objects.

As you attach all the squares to the base card pay special attention to the different folds.  Make sure you put the right sized square in each spot,  notice that the long skinny sections are divided in some views and that is where the eggs go. I had to pull a couple off and move them.  That is why I told you to use just a little glue.

Finally, play with the card several times to make sure it is right.  When you are sure the card is rights, glue each piece securely to the card and let it dry.

Your Easter Infinity Fold Card is done.  Enjoy

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