October 2022 Download Files

Yes! You can download all my files for free.  These are my October 2022 download files.  They include Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas projects.  And maybe some others.  I have been away for a while so I hope you like the new post.

The Design Space link opens the project ready to cut in Design Space.  This is the best way to get the projects.  Just save the file as you would your own and you will always have it. Most of my projects require Access to make the project for free.  Sometimes there is no Design Space File.  This probably means that I used an uploaded graphic in that project.

The Tutorial Post link will take you to my post where I talk about why and how I made the project.  It has specific instructions and tips for that project.  

The download file link will download the SVG to make the project. The instruction document in the zip file explains how to upload the SVG and any edits to the project that need to be made.  If you don’t have Access, this file will still let you make the project for free.

Lotus Flower
Lotus Flower Layered Art
Butterfly #1
Butterfly Layered Art
Butterfly 2
Butterfly Layered Art
All the baby art projects made by coloring with paper
All 4 Baby Art Projects made by Coloring With Paper
Baby Coloring With Paper
Butterfly Birthday Card – Mandala Style

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