Open the Christmas Window on This Slimline Card

Open the window on this slimline Christmas Window card to see the Christmas scene inside.  This is one of the more complicated cards I have ever made.  Lining up the window alone took several recuts of this card!  Don’t try this card without reading the tutorial.  I will try to save you the multiple redos that I had to do.

This card is a slimline card that fits in a normal business envelope.

 This is the August 2021 Patreon Card for The Crazy Cricut Lady.  The tutorial is free but to download the design you will need to first become a patreon supporter of The Crazy Cricut Lady site.  This is completely separate from my site membership and does cost $1 per month.  That helps me keep the rest of this site free and allows me to help pay for the site.  One project per month is posted on my patreon site but you get access to all past projects when you join and help support this site.  Consider joining my patreon supporters now.

You will need:
Paper Selection

The base card of this Christmas Window card must be two sided and fairly heavy (100 lb. wt. at least).  The rest of the embellishments can be any paper you like but the cuts are so thin that patterns don’t really work.  The white is done with glitter cardstock and I think the green would look great in foiled paper.  The windows, being so hard to line up work best in a two sided paper and it really helps if they are the same color.

Cutting the Christmas Window Slimline  card

Make sure you keep the windows facing the right way.  They are symmetrical but not exactly.  One of my remakes came from getting one of the windows turned around and they didn’t quite match up.  

Also the words are extremely thin and the Happy New Year cuts in three pieces that are very flexible.    Make sure to take care when removing them from the mat.  This is the third tree I tried with this project.  The others were hard to cut.  This one is thin but cuts fairly well.

Assembling the Christmas Window Card

This one is NOT easy.  Read the instructions several times before attempting to put the windows together.  The other parts are easier but have their own challenges.

Assembling the Windows
Re crease the fold lines on the windows carefully.  They are very close to the edge.  I tried making them wider but was never happy with the results.  Fold the front windows forward and the windows for the inside back.  Glue the snow on the back window panes so that the glitter faces forward (if you use glitter paper) so that the snow sticks up through the window panes.  Don’t worry if the glue line seems thin.  Gluing the panes together will stabilize them.
Glue the front windows on first.  The space on the base card is thin, so do this carefully and close to the edge.  Then turn the card over and glue the top part of the window ONLY to the opposite side.  make sure and take your time to line them up properly.  Then glue the edges of the windows down.  Again the edges are very thin, but glue them to the base card and the frame of the other windows.  Do not glue the folded part yet.
Turn the card over and glue the folding parts of the window together at about a 45 degree angle to the flat surface.  Make sure the windows line up.  Don’t worry about the fold lines lining up.  If the window panes are right the folds will line up close enough to open the windows.  Let all the glue dry before proceeding.
Finishing the Rest of the Christmas Window Card

Glue the mistletoe berries on with the biggest berry going on the end, the smallest berry going in the middle and the middle sized berry going a little further down.  Then glue them over the windows on each side.

The Merry Christmas words are thin but fairly stable.  They go under the window on the front.  The HAPPY NEW YEAR is 3 pieces and very flexible.  First glue the main piece on and straighten the HAPPY letters as you go.  Glue the other 2 pieces on and straighten them.

The tree goes on next.  But first, glue the star over the top piece of the tree.  Glue the tree on just under the words.  Next glue the two pieces of the presents together and place them slightly covering the trunk at the bottom of the tree.  To add some variety and bling you can glue circles or jewels on the tree as decorations.

Close the card and try opening the window.  If the layers come apart they weren’t glued to each other enough.  Glue them together again and when it dries try again.  Don’t open too far! 

And your Christmas Window Slimline card is finally done!  It was hard but you did it!  It fits in a normal sized business envelope for mailing.

Christmas Window Card with Jewels
With Jewels Added to Card

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