Papa Bear Card For Father’s Day

This Papa Bear Card for Father’s Day is so cute!  And it is three dimensional.  The front two panel stand out away from the card but fold up to mail.  It fits into an A7 envelope.

You will need:
Paper Selection

This card is mainly in blue but you can use any color you want.  Patterns would look OK as long as the pen shows up.

Cutting the card

I used a black gel pen to make the details on the bears stand out.  It also helps the other embellishments stand out too.  The diamonds are very thin so be careful when removing it from the mat.

Assembling the Papa Bear Card

First re crease all the folds.  Start by assembling the bears and the large overlay.  Attach that to the top of the large rectangle.  The bottom of the long piece then folds around and the skinny tab glues back onto the card

Next attach the tool drawing to the front of the box you just made. The small diamonds and their cooresponding overlay attach to the small sections above and below.

Next glue the other drawing to the smaller overlay and attach it to the smaller rectangle.  

Fold it so that the small tab faces the card and stand it in front of the card.  Glue it to the card so that the medium sized tab sits level.  It will cover part of the bears.  Place the diamonds and overlay on top of that piece. 

The two pieces fold up to place the card in an A7 envelope.


And your Papa Bear Card for Father’s Day is done!

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