Paper Flowers – The Mum

The final type of flower for Thursday is the Mum.  I promise you that when you look at the cut file you will never predict that this is how it will turn out.  I have been trying to figure this mum out for a long time and finally did it.  

These flowers have just 1 part for the flower in the download file.  The other parts are the leaves. I suggest you review the rolled flower tutorial here before you start making it.

This flower is so beautiful that it can be used as a bow on a gift.  When I have more time I am going to try this mum in glitter paper.  When I do I will add the picture to this tutorial.

What you will need:
          • a sheet of 8.5 by 11 for the flower
          • green scraps for the leaves
          • liquid glue or glue gun
          • a thick marker or dowel
          • Download File
Cutting the Flower

The flowers can be cut from any color or glitter cardstock. The leaves are cut from green scrap that I had.   Your imagination is your only limit.

This flower does not work in felt or fabric.  The petals are just too thin and ravel too easily if cut from material or felt.

When you  look at this cut file it looks nothing like the end product.  I spent a long time figuring out how to make this flower and long hours discussing it with a friend who also does cricut to figure it out.  Once I did it seemed so simple.

Once the file is cut, make sure all of the “ribbons” are cut and separated completely.  This is very important.  There were a few spots that didn’t cut apart completely when I did this.  A light tug will free them up.


First, glue the straight edges together.  There are two straight edges with a slight corner between them.  Do not glue the rounded parts or get any glue on the “ribbons.”  Be careful not to crease the loops when you do this.  Tape runner glue will work for this.  The ribbons should form loops.

Next, wind the straight edges around the marker or dowel a few times letting the flower rest between winding.  This helps when you finally roll the flower and gets the paper relaxed enough to roll.  

Roll the flower as if it was a rolled flower using a pair of tweezers to hold the center, starting with the small end (the short loops).  Glue the flower roll at the large end to keep it rolled until the leaves are ready.

The leaves are joined at the open end and the pointy end and attached to the bottom of the flower roll to help hold it together.

Be sure to stay with this series all week and see the wreath I make with all my flowers

I have made a page with all the links to the paper flower tutorials.  The tutorials for the other paper and felt flowers can be found here.

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