Making Paper Flowers – The Sunflower

The next type of paper flower for Wednesday is the Sunflower.  I am going to make them from cardstock.    You can also see how to do rolled flowers too.

These flowers have 3 major parts in the download file.   The yellow petals are smaller than I am used to seeing but that is another type of Sunflower. The leaves form a necessary part of this flower and are included in the file.

What you will need:
Paper Selection

The flowers can be cut from any color or patterned cardstock but I reccommend that you stick to brown,, green and yellow. I think that it would look interesting if the center was cut from felt but I haven’t tried it yet.  


Cutting the Paper Flower Sunflower

If I did cut the center piece from felt, I would take out the cuts on the center with the contour tool in design space.  The petals and leaves would not work in felt or fabric.  The petals are just too small and ravel too easily if cut from material or felt.

The parts of the flower if cut from paper, can be cut on one mat.

Play Video



Watch my video for cutting multiple colors on one mat

Assembling the Paper Flower Sunflower

First, glue the corners of each tab to the tab next to it to form a dome for the center.  I tried several types of glue.  Liquid glue works fine but you have to hold the flower together until the glue dries enough to hold.  Tape runner glue failed miserably.  Glue gun works on the paper also, but of course, you generate “strings”

Next, glue the yellow pieces together end to end and wrap them around the base of the flower twice.  Try to stagger the petals if you can.  Glue runner actually works well for this part.  After that, repeat with the green sections going around the flower base once with the big sections with the circles below the rim.  Then bend the big sections under the flower and glue them together in the center to form the flower base.  Finally, above the rim, bend the petals and leaves outward.

I have made a page with all the links to the paper flower tutorials.  The tutorials for the other paper and felt flowers from Flower Week can be found here.

Below is a picture of the wreath made from all the Flower week Paper flowers

Flower wreath made from all the flowers made this week.

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