Paper Spiral Ornaments For Your Tree

These Paper Spiral Ornaments look a lot like the Halloween Spirals I made last month (For ideas on what else you can do with them click the Halloween spirals link above).  And they are.  But these are smaller. And I solved the two sided paper problem which opens up the paper possibilities.

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Martha Stewart inspired this decoration.  I have her “tool” to cut paper spiral ornaments by hand but, as you know, I can’t cut a straight line if my life depended on it.  Therefore I own a Cricut.

What you will need

Paper Selection

The cut file is very simple and can be cut from anything. I have mirrored the design.This makes the two different papers able to be glued together to make a better paper spiral ornament.  Use your imagination and now use any paper.  If you are using two sided paper you don’t need the extra copy but you can use it too if you want.  


Once they are cut, be careful taking the paper spiral ornaments from the mat.  Depending on your paper they can tear easily.  If using two sided paper and want both sides to show skip to the section called “Building the Ornament”. 

 If using one sided paper or if you just want one side of the two sided paper to show, first, the two pieces of paper need glued together.  Line up the holes with the sides you want to see facing out.  Then apply liquid glue to the back sides (the sides that are together).  Make sure that the glue goes all the way to the edges.   Finally, glue the two sides together.  Let dry before doing the next steps.

Building the Ornament

Starting with the center cuts, join the points together in the center with a glue gun.  I tried liquid glue and it just isn’t strong enough or dry fast enough.  Then work your way out, alternating front and back until the spiral is done.  The holes allow for an ornament hanger.

And now your Paper Spiral Ornaments are done.  Enjoy!

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