Patriotic Gatefold Easel Combo Card to Make

We have had a bad year but this Patriotic Gatefold Easel Combo Card tells us that time is past! Celebrate the Normal this July 4th with friends again.  The card band comes from my patriotic card bands here.  Choose and one you like!

COVID spoiled last year but “Celebrate the Normal” is the theme of this summer!  

 This is the June 2021 Patreon Card for The Crazy Cricut Lady.  The tutorial is free but to download the design you will need to first become a patreon supporter of The Crazy Cricut Lady site.  This is completely separate from my site membership and does cost $1 per month.  That helps me keep the rest of this site free and allows me to help pay for the site.  One project per month is posted on my patreon site but you get access to all past projects when you join and help support this site.  Consider joining my patreon supporters now.

You will need:
Paper Selection

The paper for this gatefold easel combo card is red, white and blue (duh).  The base card does need to be two sided and fairly heavy (at least 100 lb. wt.).  The rest of the parts can be any weight.  Patterns would work well for either the white or the red.  I didn’t do it because I wanted the basic color to shine through, but try anything you like.

Cutting the Gatefold Easel Combo Card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a white pen on the dark blue.  I love this effect but you have to have a quality white pen.  See my comparison of white pen brands here.  I used a font called Setting Fires which is a basic cursive font and you can get it free at DaFont.

All of the embellishments are thin and you need to be careful when removing them from the mats.

Sometimes Cricut wastes a lot of paper the way it lines things up.  But you can move things around the cutting mats to use less paper, sometimes eliminating whole mats.  Or even combine colors together on the same mat.  See how to do all of this in my video.

Assembling the Gatefold Easel Combo Card

The first thing to do, as always is to re-crease all the folds.  There are two on the base card and two on the red easel piece.  Start by attaching the small section (and only the small section) to the top of the base card, inside, between the folds.  This will make the easel part.  Glue the decorations on the bottom and middle section.  Use a very small amount of foam tape and stick the star just above the writing on the base card to act as the stopper.
Next for the overlays.  Glue the parts of the front overlays together so that they will meet in the middle when the card is closed.  Then glue the overlays to the front.  The pennants are glue alternating in color and direction on the inside edge overlays.  Make sure to space them properly before gluing.  Then glue the overlays to the inside of the base card.

And your July 4th Gatefold Easel Combo Card is done!  The card fits in an A7 envelope for mailing.

In Case You Forgot, This Is Normal
  • Parades – In good weather, small towns and large cities across America line the streets to see floats, horses, cheerleaders, military units, and marching bands pass by, often waving flags as participants hand out candy.
  •  Barbeques – Whether they are shared with family, friends, and/or neighbors, backyard barbecues and block parties are a perfect way to build community and celebrate independence.
  • Fireworks – And who can resist blowing things up?  Don’t want to blow things up? Don’t worry, there are plenty of fireworks shows across the country.
  • Eating Contests – While eating contests usually aren’t for the faint of heart, they are certainly geared toward those who love food. 
  • Red White and Blue Everything – From plates and tablecloths to earrings and hair, everything goes on the Fourth of July!

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