Perforation Valentines Card

Santa brought me all the blades I didn’t have and this tutorial is about the perforation blade.  I made this Perforation Valentines Card and then thought the poem would work as a proposal so I made the alternate inside.

Just like the card yesterday, you need the Maker and the perforation blade, but I will tell you at the end how to make it if you don’t have them both.  And it fits into an A7 envelope.


You will need:

        • Heavy 2 sided cardstock for the base
        • Scraps of cardstock
        • Pen
        • Glue
        • Download File
Perforation Blade
Perforation Blade
About the Perforation Blade

I love this blade.  I tried to make this card without it and you can do it, but it is really tedious. 

This blade uses the same quick change housing as the other new blades.  You just have to press the button at the top and change out the blade.  I hope this leads to other blades in the future with the same type of setup.  You only need one quick change housing and can buy the new blades without it.

You can get them from Amazon or from Cricut directly.  They are about the same price (about $16 without the housing) with the Cricut Access discount.

Paper Selection for the Valentines Perforation Card

The cardstock for the base card must be solid or two sided since you see both sides.  The embellishments can be any paper you choose.  You can use patterns or plain or even vellum if you want.

I stuck with traditional Valentines colors, but use whatever you want.


Cutting the Card

The first thing to do is choose which card you are making.  I think only a select few of you will do the proposal card. If you do, good luck and let me know if they say YES!  You can hide whatever you choose not to use by clicking the little eyeball next to the graphic on the layers menu on the right.

As i said, this card uses the perforation blade and is very easy to cut with it.  (I will tell you how to do it without at the end.)  I used a black pen and a Access writing font.  Be careful taking the embellishments off the mat.  They are thin and tear easily.

The perforations are perfectly lined up so that the tearaways reveal the rest of the poem.

The complete poem is (I hope this lines up right):                                                            

 Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

Out of a Million Choices,

I Chose You, 

Take my Hand,

And Hold Me Close, 

Show Me that You,

Love Me the Most.


First, re crease the fold for the base card.  Fold it so that the poem is in front.  Then place the small rectangle over the poem on the front.  It is exactly the same size.  Glue it to the front of the card.  Make sure you glue outside the perforations so that the card works as designed.

Lastly, glue the embellishments to the card.  See the pictures for placing them.  The little hearts on the front are cut from the inside embellishment on the Valentines inside.  If you make the Marry Me card you will need to use something else, or cut that piece of the Valentines card.

And your Valentines Perforation Card or Proposal Card is done.  Again, if you are proposing, good luck.

Front of perforation valentines card with tabs pulled
Making the Valentines Perforation Card Without the Perforation Blade

If you don’t have the perforation blade or don’t have the maker, you can still make this card.  You will first need to alter the perforation lines.  I would change them to cut lines to keep them lined up. 

Shrink the length of the cut lines to about a quarter inch then duplicate them about a dozen times.  Line them up where the perforation lines were, leaving about a quarter inch between them.  I would start at the end away from the half circle cutouts so you know where to stop.  The lines start a half inch from the edge of the rectangle.  You can make sure they are lined up properly by using the align button and aligning them top.  You will need to duplicate the quarter inch cut lines several more times to make all the perforations.

This may be tedious and take some time to do, but it is possible.

I am an associate with some of the companies linked to in this article and earn a commision from your purchase.  This does not add to your price in any way.

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