Make This Pop Out Cube Halloween Card So Cute!

This Pop Out Cube Halloween card was inspired by lots and lots of them I saw on stamping pages on Pinterest.  They are so simple to assemble that your kids can put it together!  I have also posted a regular card with this kind of cubes inside.  It is an Easter card and you can see it here.

What you need:
Paper Selection for the Pop Out Cube Halloween Card

The Paper for this card needs to be at least 65 lb. weight to stand up but doesn’t really have to be 2 sided although the base card (black) looks better if it is.  The patterned paper determines the other colors you choose.  My paper was black and orange.  If your patterned paper is green and purple, use those colors.  

You need 1 sheet of 12 X 12 or 2 sheets of 8.5 X 11 patterned paper.  I would choose paper with a smaller pattern for it to look right on the little pieces.

Cutting the Pop Out Cube Halloween Card Files

Print and cut everything out. I used a silver gel pen, but you only need to make sure the pen shows up on the color you choose.  Did you know that you can use any pen in your Cricut?  See the easy and cheap trick here.

The font I used is called Danken Stripes and is a great font for Halloween!  It is available for free at Font Bundles.  If you need to know how to install fonts on Design Space, I have a document in the resource library that tells you how to install SVGs and Fonts that you can download.

If you are using the SVG file, make sure that you read the directions in the instruction document in the zip file.  Because of a glitch in Design Space, the project loads up extra big.  The instruction file tells you what size it should be.  It also tells you how to make the writing, drawing and score lines work.

You can’t see the score lines on the black paper but they are there.

Assembling the Pop Out Cube Halloween Card
This card is easy to assemble.  First re crease all the folds on the black rectangles.  They should look like the first picture below.  Then glue the cubes together like the second picture.  The other pictures show how to glue them together, but glue the tall overlays on first.


Then glue each of the the two overlay sections together (one patterned on top of a plain one).   The tall ones have to go on the tall piece after you glue it closed but before you attach the little cubes.  Two of the tall ones go inside and two go on the outside.  Look at the pictures if you need help.

The small overlays go on the top and front outside and the bottom and the attached sides inside.

Attach the ghosts and the pumpkin to the medallion.  Then attach the medallion to the top of the front of the tall piece.

And your pop out cube Halloween card is done!  It folds flat to be mailed and fits in a 6 inch square envelope.  If you cant buy one, find out how to make a custom envelope here.

Top View of Pop Out Cube Halloween Cube

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