Pop Out Mother’s Day Card

This is a simple Pop Out Mother’s Day card that you can make quickly.  Just in case you forgot your Mother in law until the last minute.  Don’t laugh but I’ve done it.  But it isn’t my fault!  My ex husband should have gotten one.  It’s his mother.

This Mother’s Day card is so simple in its design but still impressive in its appearance.  It fits in an A7 envelope for mailing or you can follow my envelope tutorial and make your own.

What you will need:

  • heavy cardstock for base (red)
  • colored cardstock for flowers
  • Pen
  • Glue
  • Download File

Paper Selection For the Pop Out Mother’s Day Card

The base card needs to be double sided paper.  Patterned paper would look nice too.  Use your imagination and go for it!  The embellishments are cut from scrap paper in my scrap bin. 

Cutting the Pop Out Mother’s Day Card

Cut the card out and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a black pen.  You can use any pen you want in your Cricut.  See the trick here.  I used an Access font called A Child’s Year.  

You can combine the flowers all on one mat.  This saves time and is easy to do.  Watch my video to see how to do that

Play Video
A Quick Word About Access

All the images in this project are Cricut Access images.  Most of my projects include Cricut Access images because I know that everyone using Design Space can get those images.  And if you are an Access member, you can use them for free.  There are other benefits for having Access, like Access member only sales, a 10% discount at Cricut and free shipping.  See them here.  Or you can just click this link to sign up for Access.  

After December, Cricut will start limiting the number of uploads and possibly the number of categories you can have if you don’t have Access.  And if this works to increase the subscription rate, I bet more things will be “Access Members Only.”  Think about signing up now because it IS really worth $10 per month and it will probably go up after December for new subscribers.

Assembling The Pop Out Mother’s Day Card

This card is so simple to make.

First re-crease the base card, using a Popsicle stick or bone folder.  Open and close the card a few times.  

Carefully pinch to bend out the flowers. Glue the extra blank piece to the inside of the card on the side behind the pop out flowers. Make sure that the flowers are all popped out and don’t stick in the glue.

Glue the flowers together and glue them to the inside of the card.

The Simple Pop out Mother’s Day Card is done.

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