Pop Out Mother’s Day Card

This Mother’s Day card is so simple in its design but so impressive in its appearance.

Download the file here

What you will need:

  • heavy cardstock for base (red)
  • colored cardstock for flowers (two shades of pink,yellow,blue and purple)
  • Pen
  • Glue

Cut the base card. Use a pen in your Cricut to write on the inside of the card.

Using a popsicle stick, re-crease the fold line. Carefully pinch to bend out the flowers. Glue the extra blank piece to the inside of the card on the side behind the pop out flowers. Make sure that the flowers are all popped out and don’t stick in the glue.

The flowers inside were cut out of some scraps I had laying around. I know you have some. We all do.

Glue the flowers together and glue them to the inside of the card.

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