Pop Out Thank You Card for Essential Workers

This Pop Out Thank You card was designed for all those essential workers that helped us during this trying time.  They deserve so much more, but this card will have to do.  This card is based on something Anna Griffin did on HSN Craft Day.

The Essential Workers like grocery store and pharmacy clerks, nurses and doctors have done so much.  They all need to be thanked.  Take this card to some of them so they know they are appreciated.

You will need:
Paper Selection

There are two parts to the pop out Thank You card base, the main base and the pop out mechanism.  They must be made from the same paper and preferably plain paper.  I tried a pattern and it was impossible to match them up.  The paper needs to be fairly heavy, at least 100 lb. weight.

The rest of the card can be any weight paper.

I chose the color scheme to emphasize the color wheel technique of using a triad of colors.

Cutting the Pop Out Thank You Card for Essential Workers

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a black gel pen.  Did you know that you can use any pen in your Cricut?  You can see the trick here.  I used a font called Spelling Test and is an Access font.  The SVG file uses a font called Agustin Script  and it is available at Creative Fabrica.

The embellishments all have very intricate cuts and you should take care removing them from the mat.

Assembling the Pop Out Thank You Card
This card is not as hard as it looks to put together.  Start by assembling the butterflies and flower embellishments.  Set them aside for later.
Assembling the base card
Next take the two base cards and re crease all the folds.  The smaller piece has the pop out mechanisms.  Each part of the mechanism should be folded as valley, mountain, valley from the top down.  The center folds are in three score lines and should all be folded as valley folds.

The center fold is placed directly over the center fold of the large base piece with the two rectangle shaped  folded out pieces sticking out.  Glue one base card inside the other.  Be careful not to get any glue on the pop out mechanism.

Attaching the embellishments
First, attach the ovals to the front of the pop out rectangles.  Then attach the flowers and butterflies to the inside of the card as in the picture.  Try not to let the ovals hang over the edge of the card.  You should now test the card to make sure it opens and closes as it should.
Finally attach the embellishments to the front red base of the front of the card and then attach the red cover to the front to the card.  The pictures should answer any questions you have about assembling all the embellishments.

And your Pop Out Thank You Card for Essential Workers is Done.  It fits in an A7 envelope for mailing or hand delivery.

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