Present Slider Birthday Card

Impress everyone with this dynamic 3D Present Slider Birthday Card.  This card was inspired by HSN Craft Day.  It is patterned after an Anna Griffin card with some alterations to hold the slider in.

I made this card for Cordelia for her birthday and she loved it.

What you need:

Paper Selection

The present only needs to be 65 lb weight or more.  Patterns are perfect for this card but plain paper works too.  The slider needs to be of the same color family but shouldn’t be the same paper as the present.  I tried that and it looked funny.  Just make sure the pen shows up on the slider paper.

The clown is a print then cut image.  If your printer will take cardstock, use cardstock.   Otherwise whatever is in your printer is fine.

Cutting the Card
This card is very easy to cut.  The Cricut does all the writing.
The clown is a print then cut image.  If you need help with this technique, see the video collection Design Space – There is nothing to be Scared of.  It has a tutorial on how to do print then cut.
Card Assembly

First re crease all the folds.  Before you assemble the card, I am going to talk a little about the pieces.  The design of the card keeps the slider from coming all the way out.  This also keeps the top of the present from coming completely off. The bottom of the present should be folded vertically and the top folded horizontally.  The slit in the bottom present piece goes at the top. 

To assemble the Present slider Birthday card start by placing the slider inside the bottom of the present with the top through the slit.  Then glue the sides together about 1/4 inch from the edge around the three open sides.  Push the slider as far down as it will go, then wrap the top of the present around the top of the slider.  Next, glue the top of the present closed making sure to glue the slider inside the top.  Before the glue dries, make sure that the top of the present and the bottom are aligned and that the present “closes” completely.

Decorating the Present Slider Birthday Card

First pull the present top up to expose the slider.  Then glue the clown to the top of the slider.

Next glue the straight pieces of “ribbon” to the top and bottom of the card.  After that, assemble the bow with the patterned piece on the outside by tucking the ends to the back in the center and gluing them.  Wrap the small parts with the patterned piece on top, around the center and then glue in place.  Glue the tails to the back center of the bow and attach it to the top of the present.

Lastly make the monogram.  Put several pieces of foam tape between the layers of the medallion and then foam tape the medallion to the center of the bottom of the present.  This gives more dimension.  

The 3D Bow on the top adds a lot of dimension as does the medallions elevated with foam tape.  I do not suggest mailing this card because of the multiple dimensions.


Your Present Slider Birthday card is done.  Enjoy!

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