Pride Rainbow Sun Catchers

This idea for Pride Rainbow Sun Catchers started with me making a Coloring with Paper rainbow for Cordelia.  She loved it.  She wanted to hang it in her window but it just didn’t work that way.  So I changed it up a little and played with the new Spectrun Noir markers I bought (BONUS!) and made these sun catchers.

Actually I started with glitter glue.  It took several layers to get the color I wanted and I wasn’t happy with the results. 


You will need:

Paper Choice and Cutting for the Pride Rainbow Sun Catchers

Cut the outline from the black cardstock. Do not make the file any smaller or the black lines get too thin.  This makes the all the Rainbow projects a good size. 

Glue the outline to a piece of acetate.  You can buy acetate or I know you buy somethings with the hard acetate security wrapping that comes with everything these days.  I used the acetate around one of my dies that I bought.  You don’t need a huge piece and this worked perfectly.  I have been saving it for a while because I knew I could use it.

Coloring the Pride Rainbow Sun Catchers
I had some new Spectrum Noir Markers I wanted to try out so that is what I used but any marker will work.  I would use the thicker markers or you get too many lines.  Sharpie markers really work well too.

First make sure the glue is dry.  Take a damp paper towel and wipe away any smudges of glue before you start coloring.  They show up, so make sure they are all wiped away.  Luckily Art Glitter Glue comes off great.  You can cut the piece out of the acetate before or after you color it.  Just cut around the black border extremely close.

Color with your markers.  Kids will love doing this part with their markers.  You could make a whole bunch and just let them go to town!  Finally take a small hole punch and punch a hole in the top.  The suction cups are available cheap at the dollar store or Walmart.

If you wanted to do them as coloring with paper the general instructions are here


And your Pride Rainbow Sun Catchers are done!

You could use this technique with any of my coloring with paper designs.  Show me what you make.  I’d love to see them!

All the Pride Rainbow Art
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