Printable HTV – Tried 3 Types for last 2 Onsies

I used Printable HTV for the last two panda onesies for the baby shower. I used three different brands.  The First I tried Walmart’s Pen + Gear brand.  Then I tried Avery.  And finally I tried the Silhouette brand.  Read on to get my opinions.

I need to explain one design.  It is a PandaMonkeyBaby image.  Now I know what you are thinking.  What the #%&# is she thinking? When our friend got pregnant Ken kept teasing her that she was going to have a puppymonkeybaby like the TV commercial.  It became an inside joke so when I was designing onesies I had to do one like that.  A few changes were made to match the theme and tada – PandaMonkeyBaby.

What you will need
        • Printable HTV sheet
        • Inkjet Printer (you cannot use a laser printer)
        • Parchment paper
        • something to put it on
        • Iron or Easy Press 
        • Download Files
Pen + Gear Brand

This printable HTV is available at Walmart.  Don’t buy it.  I know it’s cheaper but it isn’t worth it.   It printed just fine and the white fabric sheets do not require you to reverse the image.  So reading the instructions is says to leave a small border around the image to seal it.  Well my cricut doesn’t cut like that so I had to cut it out by hand. Problem #1.  Then I went to put the design on the shirt and followed all the directions.  The image ink  ran  while heating.  Big Problem #2.  Then as it cooled the colors changed to yucky colors. Problem #3.  I threw that onesie away along with the rest of the package of sheets.

Avery Brand (Light Colored Fabric)

This is also available at Walmart and I’m sure other places.  This product was used to make the last example above.  It printed very nice.  I didn’t worry about reversing the image because I have no writing but if you do you need to reverse it.  It says to leave a small border too but I forgot.  It worked fine anyway.  The image came out good and I was happy with the result.

Silhouette HTV (Colored Fabrics)

I did mine on my cricut but the Joann’s was out of cricut brand printable HTV so I used this.  The instructions are the same.  The first two examples are done with this product.  Since it is for darker fabrics you don’t need to mirror the image.  (For the white fabric product  you do.) It printed great and cut on the machine with no border needed.  (For the white fabric product skip these next steps and to ironing.)  At this point you need to peel the product off the paper. Then place the image right side up and place some parchment paper over it.  

All of the products say the same thing and are done the same way.  They are all done on the cotton setting without steam.  The colored product requires a piece of parchment paper.  Over everything lay a pillowcase or something.  I used a t-shirt.  Read the instructions for your product about how long to press the HTV but they all require heavy pressure.  I let mine cool before removing the paper.  


Final Thoughts

Read and follow the instruction for whatever product you use. 

Since the weren’t for me I don’t know how well these hold up in the washer, but if you follow the instructions you should be fine.  My friend will tell me the first time she washes them and I will update this page.

The easiest and best product was the sillouette product.  The Avery did fine too.  DO NOT BUY THE WALMART BRAND.  I am not even giving you a link to buy it.

This tutorial contains links to sellers of which I am an affiliate and get a small commission.  Your price is not affected.

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