Make This Purse Gift Card Holder & Envelope

Some of you may remember this Purse Gift Card Holder from the Christmas Gifts for members but I never did a tutorial.  Here it is.  You can make this adorable gift card holder and add a little humor to the gift card.

Gift cards don’t have to be the boring gift.  Add a little homeeade whimsy to your gift.  And this one has a custom matching envelope.

You will need:
        • Heavy 2 sided cardstock for the base
        • Various Cardstock scraps
        • Pen
        • Glue
        • Foam Tape
        • Download File
Paper Selection

The paper for the base of this purse gift card holder needs to be fairly heavy (at least 100 lb. wt.) and needs to be two sided.  It has a matching custom envelope because your purse should always match something.  

Cutting the Purse Gift Card Holder

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a black cricut pen for the writing.  Use any color, just make sure that it shows up on your paper.  i used a font called Abigile that I got at for free at Dafont.  It doesn’t fill in but looks cute that way.  If you are interested in fonts that fill in, check out my fill in fonts here and check out the special deal to get them.

Otherwise this project is fairly easy to cut.  You can move the parts around the mat to save paper.  If you need to know how to do this, check out my video.

Play Video
Assembling the Purse Gift Card Holder
This project is fairly easy to make.  Start by re-creasing all the folds including the small one between the purses of the base card.
To assemble the card, start by putting the pink semi circle on the front of the card at the top of the purse, below the handle.  Then glue the yellow circle on top, forming the handle.  Then glue the blue scalloped circle and finally the yellow circle.  Put two of the blue flowers on the front then open the card.  
Next place the blue overlay on the inside, making sure to glue it only at the left and right edges.  Use foam tape so that the card will fit under it.  Then glue the rest of the flowers on the inside of the card using liquid glue.
The envelope is just as easy.  Match the crease on the yellow overlay with the top crease of the envelope. and glue it in place.  Then fold in the sides and fold up the bottom.  Place liquid glue where those three pieces overlap.  Don’t add too much or your envelope could stick together.  Place the purse cutouts on the front of the envelope for decoration.  Fold the flap down and seal it with resealable glue.  It should open and then seal again that way.


And your Purse Gift Card Holder is done and ready to mail!


Fun Facts About Purses
  • Only since the nineteenth century does the handbag exist. In the days before, women wore boxes around their necks in the shape of a chain.
  • The average woman has about six bags in her possession.  (I think is is more than that.  I have at least 12)
  • Rumor has it that, at the end of each year, Louis Vuitton burns all its unsold products.  (What a waste!!!!)
  • An average woman’s handbag weighs 5.2 pounds.

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