Reason For the Season Nativity

This card celebrates the real reason for the season nativity.  It isn’t Santa or the Christmas lights.  This card looks wonderful and anyone would love to receive it this Christmas.  Use it as a card or decoration.

 I designed this as a card and then put it up in the living room. A friend saw it and asked where I got the lovely decoration and wanted one for herself.  So it could also be a lovely decoration gift for someone.

You will need:
Paper Selection

The two back colors really require a shade of blue and a bright yellow or gold color, but the rest can be shades of any color you choose.  Patterns don’t really work with this project unless they are really subtle.  I tried it and it just takes away from the elegance.

I used a black pen for the writing and decoration on the sides but you could use anything that shows up.  If you have the foiling pens, those would look great.  See how to use them here.

Cutting the Card

This project is easy to cut.  Just be careful pulling the pieces off the mat because they tear easily.


First re-crease the folds on the front piece.  Then glue the rays to the blue background.

The tabs on the second and third piece fit into the slits cut into the front piece.  Insert those before attaching the back of piece.  The front piece then folds around the back of the blue piece and is glued via the ends of the front.

Next, the tabs from the middle pieces are folded over and glued down.  You will need to trim them a little.  I made them extra long to make it easier to fit them through the slots.  After they are glued down attach the side pieces to cover the tabs.

Your Reson for the Season Nativity Shadowbox card is done!  It does not fold flat so it is difficult to fit in an envelope but you are shipping boxes anyway this time of year.

Reason for the season Nativity Card

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