4th of July Card in Red, White and Blue

This Red, White and Blue 4th of July Card is surely colorful and celebrates Independance Day.  In the next companion tutorial I will teach you how to make the customizable length card bands that go around this card.

With the cutouts in the white base card you see all three colors when you open this card.  And with the card bands in the next lesson they sure do impress.  This card fits into an A7 envelope for mailing.

You will need:
Choosing the Paper

You can use any variation of the three colors, depending on what color the pen shows up on.  If you prefer a red front, white vellum and blue back that works too.  Actually you don’t even need vellum.  Try using a piece of cardstock instead.

Patterns would work if the design was two sided.  Otherwise the cutouts would look funny.  But if you have two sides patterned paper that could work.

Cutting the 4th of July Card

Start by cutting the vellum.  When cutting it on the Cricut, make sure that it is sealed tight to the mat.  Vellum can be difficult to cut.   Any air bubbles or slightly less sticky spots will cause the vellum to rip.  I usually squeegee the vellum to the mat to push out any air bubbles.

If the outside paper is two sided you will need to put the paper on the mat pattern side down (or whatever you want on the outside).  Otherwise the pattern will be on the inside of the stack of paper.  

Cut the outside piece out of the blue (in Design Space)piece and the inside piece out of the white piece.  They are slightly different.  I made the back sore lines just a tiny bit wider.  The card folds better that way.  Change colors if you want but keep the back and front straight.

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  The font used in this project is called Beautiful Dreamer and is available from Creative Fabrica.

Assembling the 4th of July Card

First re-crease the folds on both base cards.  Be very careful because they are close to the edge of the gate cuts.  Also if you changed the colors, keep the front and back straight.

Glue the vellum to the inside of either base. Put the glue on the lattice side so no glue gets on the vellum where the holes are.  Art Glitter glue dries clear but on vellum the smears show a little, so don’t add too much.  Make sure the two layers of paper line up properly.  You want to be careful to match up the patterns when you glue them together.  Then glue the second layer like you did the first, making a vellum sandwich.  

The designs for the card bands are in the next lesson. Wrap the band around the card and closed it according to that lesson. 

And you’re Red, White and Blue 4th of July Card is done. And it fits into an A7 envelope.


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